Chris Fleming: Live Review – Soho Theatre


A review by Tanya Howard

This week Chris Fleming brought his new show to Soho Theatre for his London debut, fresh off the heels of his US tour show ‘Showpig’. Best known for his viral YouTube series Gayle and called ‘one of the best things on the internet’ by the Huffington Post we went along to see his multimedia mix of storytelling, characters, desperate synth pop and dance.

I’m a big fan of comedy and love seeing new and upcoming performers but unfortunately for me Chris’ style of comedy went right over my head and I struggled to understand a lot of the content and so the jokes were lost on me. Comedy is such a versatile area and can be expressed in so many different forms which means there is something out there for everyone but at times you will come across a comedian that doesn’t work for you.

I would still recommend going to see Chris though as despite the fact that it wasn’t the show for me the rest of the audience were in hysterics throughout the show. Chris was very interactive with the audience, had a lot of energy throughout the performance and I wish I could have enjoyed it as much as everyone else. I will say he had a very unique and fabulous dress sense, wearing a purple velvet suit, purple pointed boots with silver stars and a black sleeveless top (that I’m sure I have) he looked fabulous.

Chris combines a unique style of stand up with music videos and songs, including numbers on teaching boring people what to say and the reveal of a mythological super fruit. Some may say he wasted his money on the drum that he bought for one of the songs but Chris himself thinks it was fully worth it for his last big number complete with some very distinct dance moves.

Again, whilst Chris’ show was not my cup of tea I would definitely advise looking him up on YouTube as he might just be the new comedian for you. With 250,00 subscribers on YouTube, 220,000 followers on Facebook and a full auditorium at the Soho Theatre in hysterics he definitely has a firm following and is loved by many. His show runs until Saturday and then he is touring across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.