Ali Siddiq: Bigger Than Bars – Soho Theatre

Ali Siddiq: Bigger Than Bars – Soho Theatre

A review by Charli Bruce


Ali Siddiq was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He was incarcerated for drug crimes, where he spent six years in prison. In this time he cultivated the art of entertaining through comedy, he shared funny stories and opinions with his inmates which has lead him to where he is today.

 Ali is a keen philanthropist who shows his love and support for his community throughout the year, but most importantly during the holidays. For the past 10 years, he has donated and helped to feed the homeless in Houston, while also having established a non-profit for inner-city youth called ‘Ink in Me’. This aids them in their development and enhancement of interpersonal communication through reading, writing, and public speaking.

So, while Ali isn’t helping the community and doing his philanthropy work he is indeed hitting up comedy clubs and theatres to bring a cracking stand up act.

We saw Ali at the Soho Theatre where he was performing his Bigger Than Bars show. Ali started the show telling us about his life in a predominately white gated community where he lives, stating his hate of Raccoons and how he grew up in the Ghetto. This was a running theme throughout the whole show.

Ali handled everything he spoke about in a manner that was not only funny but also charismatic. He was very likeable and I think that’s added to how great the show was. He was hilarious with the way he joked about how his 5 year old is a potential serial killer, showing us what an ‘accidental’ shootout looks like and the way you shouldn’t try to catch a Raccoon with a dog cage.

Not only does Ali perform his show well, he also handles hecklers amazingly while interacting with the audience in a pleasurable manner. After all of that he holds a little question and answer session, where you can ask him anything – The show we attended he taught someone exactly what ‘trapping’ means which had the audience in a belly full of laughs.

Ali is a comedian with a heart of gold and a serious talent. He is someone who is so unapologetically himself and this makes him the perfect act to go and see.