Le Fez Nightclub Putney Reopening Review

Le Fez Nightclub Putney Reopening Review

Le Fez Nightclub in Putney have used the enforced months of closure to develop and refurbish their space in London. The venue offers a luxurious and immersive garden themed lounge bar as well as an intimate club space. Le Fez Nightclub is the perfect place for an after-work cocktail and food, as well as a big night out. Le Fez is one of Southwest London’s hidden gems located on Upper Richmond Road.

In collaboration with tiki specialists Little Grass Shack, Le Fez has been transformed into a feast for the senses. Le Jardin is a botanical haven with intimate birdcage booths, carpeting and exotic wall coverings. Journey through Le Jardin’s bougainvillea vines, and foliage and you’ll find the Tanqueray Secret Garden. You can enjoy a cocktail, glass of champagne or a spirit from their new and updated drinks list. Order a martini or gin tree and smile for the camera in the Instagram worthy venue.

After you’ve captured all your Instagram shots then make your way to the dancefloor in Le Club. Opening at 10pm following Le Jardin’s closure time you can dance the night away until 4am. Le Club has a range of great DJs that will entertain you with house tracks, party classics and much more. With its own premium drinks range, VIP service and private booths you’ll feel all the French-inspired glamour vibes. The space not only hosts weekly DJ led nights but also comedy nights and much more to keep you entertained.

I was invited to attend the press night for the relaunch of Le Fez Nightclub, and I brought along my housemate. Walking into the venue really did feel like I was being transported into a magical secret garden. Between the foliage, the birdcage booths, and the colour palette there was a sense of both glamour and comfort. I stuck with the classic Prosecco for the evening and my housemate had Prosecco and a few Whiskey Sours. The bartenders were friendly, attentive, and made great drinks but note that Le Club operates a double bar. This means that a standard pour will be a double measure and charged as such.

The dancefloor in Le Club is very spacious and there are several ledges where you can rest your drinks. Personally, I like to be able to put my drink down whilst I’m busting out my best moves. On the night we got to see a roller-skating dance set which included one of the Starlight Express cast. It was very impressive and a lovely addition to a fun filled evening. We danced until we literally had to take our shoes off and met some lovely people and had the best time. If you’re looking for a good night out in London I would definitely recommend visiting Le Fez.