How To Catch A Krampus Review – Pleasance Theatre


At Sink The Pink, everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated

A review by Tanya Howard

Sink The Pink are a collective of queens, club kids, pop superstars, creative juggernauts, flamboyant dancers, and acclaimed designers. Known for throwing some of the London’s most colourful and fun queer nights, they have now made their mark on the Christmas panto scene with How To Catch A Krampus.

Written, directed and designed by Ginger Johnson, the show centres around the myth of Krampus, a horned “half-goat, half-demon” creature from Central European folklore and a lost boy who has been snatched by him. Ginger plays a spirit medium who has to face her own secret past to find the lost boy when asked by his sister for help.

Alongside the loose storyline the show is broken up with mini parody skits including Morris Dancing that acted out a gender reveal, and a horror themed 12 Days of Christmas song with lyrics including “On the first day of Christmas the Krampus gave to me a sword that has been inside me”. Whilst these are fun and entertaining additions to the show they do leave the central plot neglected at times and the first half felt a bit underwhelming.

One of the stand out small acts for me was Lavinia Co-Op, playing the role of a convict who is recounting a lifetime of crime whilst singing Rihanna’s S&M. Whilst the constant switching back and forth to the storyline did make for some clunky drawn out set changes the show was really enjoyable and well done to them for coming up with such an ambitious show.

All of the cast were full of energy and you could feel the passion for their work coming off of them. The second act felt a lot fuller and there was a plot twist that I did not see coming, the atmosphere amongst the audience was electric, everyone was enjoying themselves.

Ginger was a great host, taking on a pantomime dame like role but a much more adult version with innuendos and jokes being thrown out left, right and centre. This was my first time experiencing the world of Sink The Pink and I would recommend going to see the show before they end their six week run at Pleasance Theatre on 23rd December.