Re-energise your batteries at E.ON’s #RechargeRetreat

Melanie Sykes, Jasmine Hemsley, Roger Frampton and Roxie Nafousi show you how to recharge your batteries

E.ON’s Recharge Retreat will bring a much needed energy boost for the mind, body and soul on London’s South Bank from Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th October


The month of October, arriving long after summer has ended but too far from Christmas to start feeling festive, is synonymous with wet weather, darker evenings and a general dip in the nation’s energy levels.

To combat the upcoming winter blues, TV’s Melanie Sykes, renowned for her passion for health and wellbeing, launches E.ON’s Recharge Retreat from 17th – 19th October – a pop-up sanctuary on the South Bank featuring three immersive pods to revive your mind, body and soul.

Open from 11am – 7pm on 17th – 18th October (Wednesday and Thursday) and 10am – 4pm 19th October (Friday), the Recharge Retreat will offer attendees a chance to recharge their batteries.

Visitors will be able to take time out from their busy day and enjoy meditation in the mindfulness pod, a quick spin workout or a nutritious juice or smoothie from the Detox Kitchen; leaving them feeling restored, refreshed and recharged.

Over the course of three days the Recharge Retreat will also host tailored lunchtime workshops to help visitors feel invigorated, with advice from leading health and wellbeing experts including; nutrition and wellness expert Jasmine Hemsley, yogi and mental health ambassador Roxie Nafousi and movement coach Roger Frampton.

Workshop Timetable (Times TBC)

  • Wednesday: Jasmine Hemsley, nutrition and wellness expert will be holding an interactive workshop on how to eat to recharge your batteries
  • Thursday: Roxie Nafousi, Yogi and mental health ambassador, will be holding an interactive workshop to cultivate a clear mind
  • Friday: Movement expert and founder of the Frampton Method, Roger Frampton, will be offering a session on how to keep your body in shape

The event is powered by some of E.ON’s smart home energy solutions including solar energy and battery storage, showcasing the amazing things energy can offer people. Situated at the entrance, guests can interact and see first-hand the energy that solar panels and batteries can generate – even during gloomy October.

As well as innovative solar and battery solutions, guests will have the chance to understand other solutions available through E.ON including a self-reading smart meters or tado° smart thermostat which can help consumers to find a little extra time to relax and not worry about when to turn the heating on or how much their bills will cost.