Shagged Married Annoyed Live Podcast Tour Review - London Palladium

Shagged Married Annoyed Live Podcast Tour Review – London Palladium

Before we begin, I have a confession to make, I have never listened to the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast. So, I had no idea what to expect from Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s live tour. A tour which had such an overwhelming demand that they added over 110,000 tickets across nine more arenas. The tour sees Chris and Rosie chat about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between. The live podcast tour runs until 21st December, including a night at London’s O2 Arena in November.

The tour starts with a photo montage with Chris and Rosie talking about their lives leading up to their meeting. They showed some cute photos and some funny ones which they were happy to mock themselves over. At the end of the montage the pair took to the stage and broke out into their well-known jingle. The crowd at this point went absolutely wild and were louder than some crowds I’ve been in at Wembley Arena. It was clear that the podcast and the Ramsey’s have a cult following and we in for a treat.

Like many married couples Rosie and Chris have things that annoy them about each other. They started the show with a segment called “What’s Your Beef?” and listed their top three annoyances. Rosie’s included Chris’ snoring and she played a recording she’d made of a time he was so loud he woke the baby. Chris’ included Rosie’s love of lamps to which he showed a photo of every lamp in the house. The woman has got a serious addiction problem when it comes to buying lamps!

They followed this with “What’s Your Beef London?” where the audience were asked to send in their beef with their partners. Some were submitted anonymously but some were happy to name and shame their partners. One woman admitted that her partner flosses his teeth with his toenails, and I can’t fathom how she hasn’t left him yet. Throughout the show the pair got FaceTime calls from Barry and Belinda Beef who had the audience in hysterics.

Finally, the pair took to the sofa to spin the wheel on what topics to discuss next. Armed with a glass of wine each they had stories from their fans to share with us all. The topics included Doctors and Nurses, Rosie’s Mysteries and Let’s Talk About Shit Baby. For me these segments just cemented the fact that humans are just fully disgusting. And yes, I absolutely pissed myself laughing at the grim tales and told everyone I knew after the show.

A complete unexpected surprise for me was the fact that Rosie Ramsey is actually an incredible singer. One of Chris’ beefs with Rosie was that she never knows the lyrics to songs and just makes them up. Case in point she though ‘Let the choir sing’ from Like A Prayer was ‘Lepper Quo Sin’. She didn’t learn the actual lyrics until years later at a karaoke night when the words came on screen. When asked why she didn’t question the weird interpretation she just said, “Thought it was French”. And at the end of the show, she wowed us all when she belted the song out live on stage.

Despite Shagged Married Annoyed being scripted and written in advance it still felt like a really authentic performance. Rosie and Chris are so real and down to earth, and they have this amazing support for each other. Even when they’re getting on each other’s nerves you can see the love and admiration behind it all. Some people don’t want their partner to share in their spotlight, but Chris and Rosie push each other to be front and centre.

Shagged Married Annoyed Live is a really great show that I’d definitely recommend seeing if you get the chance. Chris and Rosie are a great team and play off each other well on stage. Now all we need to do is work out a strategy to get Rosie on Strictly Come Dancing. And to get Chris to rap on the podcast without it being cut before final production because woah! Chris Ramsey can bloody rap! Tickets are still available for certain venues on their website now.