Murder For Two Review – The Other Palace Theatre


Two actors, one piano and thirteen characters, the ingredients for a insanely funny murder mystery musical

A review by Abigail Kathleen

I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of “Murder for two” at The Other Palace Theatre in Victoria, London. On arrival to the venue you are met by the delicious smell of festive food and gin in the air, as soon as I had collected my ticket I headed straight to bar to see what treats and gin varieties were on offer.

After a short wait the doors opened and we headed down into the studio to take our seats, it wasn’t allocated seated so we could choose our own seats, I lucked out and managed to get my guest and myself sat on the front row. The Stage area was rather small and slightly raised so the performance was slightly more informal and relaxed. The set design had a New York private detective feel to it, a suspect board, mountains of aged paper work and case files, a door on wheels that was spun when the story changed location and a simple black piano scattered with props and hats so they could transition between characters with ease

When I first read the description of the musical, I was skeptical, how can two performers carry of playing thirteen characters? Very cleverly it seems. The main character, Officer Marcus, was played by Ed McArthur and the suspects where very cleverly portrayed by Jeremy Legat. Each suspect had their own characteristic and style of voice and pitch so you were able to identify which character Officer Marcus was speaking to.

The tale of our murder mystery is set in New York and begins when author Arthur Whitney is shot on his arrival at a surprise birthday party organised by his wife. To prove himself worthy to be a detective, Officer Marcus has an hour to question the suspects, unravel their secrets and motives, and solve the murder before the real detective arrives. If your a fan of the TV show Brooklyn nine-nine, Officer Marcus really reminded me of Detective Jake Peralta.

Split into two acts, Act one introduced us to the plot, energetic songs and the characters alongside very talented piano skills by the two performers. Act two featured a plot twist and a wrap up to the murder mystery alongside more energetic songs and some rather funny dance moves. Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed Murder for two, my guest and I left with aching cheeks, and the first thing my guest said to me was “In honesty I thought I would hate that but I loved it!”

Murder for two is at The Other Palace Theatre until the 13th January 2019 and Tickets start from £24.