Magic Mike Live Review – Hippodrome Casino


A review by Tanya Howard

Conceived and co-directed by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is a large-scale, live production show based on the hit films Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, which opened at The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday 28 November 2018, following previews from 10 November.

Arriving at The Hippodrome you could feel the excitement and anticipation of all the women that were eager for the show to begin, who doesn’t want to spend an evening watching some gorgeous men dance and strip down for them. Seated at the VIP table we were informed that our table would be included in the show and to be mindful that when signalled we would have to clear our stuff.

Just before the show started a lady pulled up a seat on the end of our four-person table looking very uncomfortable but this was quickly forgotten as the host made his way on to the stage. A cringeworthy short guy in a terrible suit introduced the show, cracking awful jokes, and riling up the audience off before the guys came on stage donned in costumes that would have fitted in perfectly in a YMCA line up.


Dancing amongst the audience suddenly the girl on our table was pulled on stage faced with a fireman thrusting his hosepipe at her which she told the host was awful. Suddenly the show stops, and we find out that said girl was actually our real host for the evening, and after a slightly creepy and far too drawn out conversation with a mystical unicorn (Channing Tatum on a voiceover basically) she calls for an overhaul of the outdated costumes and exploitation.

Like the films the story to the show is paper thing, where by Sophie the MC tutored a waiter in the art of respectful seduction. Mike, obviously, learns that coming of age means you have a responsibility to make women feel special, and the guys of the show are going to help show him how through the art of dance, song and of course a flash of skin here and there, as long as the women feels comfortable.

Twice “unsuspecting” audience members were pulled on stage for us to find out they were professional dancers and part of the show. Whilst their dancing was incredible, especially a scene that included rain and a raised see through floor, but I can’t say this is what I was expecting from a Magic Mike show, it would have been nice to see more actual audience members involved. I’m not saying I wanted to be under that shower of rain, but I wasn’t feeling watching a random girl being danced all over on the very table I was sat at.

Throughout the show you are able to get table service, and I have to say the waiters did an amazing job of keeping on top of everyone’s drinks orders without blocking your view of the show. I had a delicious cocktail, which I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the name of it or the contents except that it definitely had Prosecco and was pink. I mean if you were faced with a dozen topless guys breakdancing in front of you would you remember to jot down your drink order.


Whilst I would have loved a little more flesh to be on show at times, the guys did spend a good amount of the show topless and had incredible physiques. The dance sequences and acrobatics were incredible and while the host first struck me as cringeworthy I soon came around to her and enjoyed her innuendos, jokes and the great chemistry between her and the guys in the show.

Tickets can be purchased at the Hippodrome’s new theatre box office on Cranbourn Street, or online from When tickets first went on sale in June, most of the shows for the first six months of the run at the Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino sold out within five days and in September Channing Tatum and his co-producers released an extra 10,000 tickets, including for some extra shows in January.

Guests much be 18 years old to attend the 90-minute show, and tickets start at £29 including booking fees. The performances run from Tuesday to Sunday at 7:30pm and on Thursday to Sunday there is an additional performance at 10pm. The current booking period runs until Sunday 27th October 2019. So, what are you waiting for, get your girls together and book your tickets for Magic Mike XXL Live at the Hippodrome for a fun filled night out.