Dine Like A Deity with Divine Proportions


Wine, dine and celebrate life at this immersive dining experience at The Vaults

A review by Tanya Howard

Based on the story of Dionysus, the god of pleasure and mischief, all the “bad” things like wine, food and sex, Divine Pleasures allows you to dine like a deity at The Vaults London and enjoy an erotic, provocative, deliciously divine, gender-bending theatrical dinner cabaret from immersive party producers Shotgun Carousel for just £35 which includes a 5 course meal.

At 18:30 the doors open and you begin your evening in the downstairs bar with the three priestesses who are performing a ritual to bring forth Dionysus, Di to her friends, in the hopes of being allowed to join her on Mount Olympus. In a sultry dark room we were able to mingle with the priestesses whilst drinking cocktails and snacking on home baked focaccia with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The focaccia was nice but unfortunately we only got one piece between us as it was left out in hanging trays and if you weren’t quick or nearby they were gone by the time you got there.

At 19:30 the show begins and you are immersed into the world of greek mythology, and when your name is called you are ushered through a hidden door into a glittering tunnel showing you the way to Mount Olympus for the main feast and the main cabaret show. The menu for the feast was inspired by greek mythology and Mediterranean flavours, and we started our time in Mount Olympus with a shot of Hermes, containing cardamom vodka, riesling bitters and limoncello, followed by Poseidon, a pink sea bass ceviche, seaweed salad, pickled cucumber, shaved fennel, orange puree, puffed amaranth and toasted sesame.

Throughout the dinner we were looked after by Dionysus and at point she had some special guests pop by to perform for us, Aphrodite and Persephone. The show was exploration of pleasure, a celebration of female beauty, sensuality and the freedom of gender fluidity. It was over the top and extravagant and such an enjoyable evening, and we continued our meal during the show with Dionysus, a dish of roast guinea fowl breast with celeriac puree, new caramel potatoes, honey doused chantenay carrots and beetroots, romanesco hearts, charred sweet corn, balsamic pearls, juniper and red wine sauce.

The best part of any meal for me personally is dessert and this extravagant yet delicate dish arrived in front of me inspired by Hera, containing caramelised white chocolate, coconut milk and honey ganache, pomegranate, figs and flowers. Once dinner was over and we had all pledged our love to Di and declared we would forever follow her we found out our souls had actually been sold to Persephone and were surprised to find the show was not over. We were taken to the depths of the underworld for a party fit for the gods themselves where Persephone fire danced for us. If you are looking for something unique to do in London I would definitely recommend Divine Proportions, it’s a really enjoyable night that truly immerses you in the story. Great food, great entertainment and a selection of cocktails, what more could you want!

Photo Credit: Lara Maysa