My only regret was that i didn’t go a second time’

  • A 225m Zip Wire across Londons Best Sights
  • Starting at 35m above ground
  • A 15m Mega Drop to finish


So how does this sound?

Zip Line across London’s finest sights including Westminster and the London Eye across the longest line of 225m, from a tower, standing at 35m high? Yeah why not I said, momentarily forgetting I’m scared of heights. So there I was on Tuesday morning for a press-only invite to try out ZIP NOW LONDON, which returned to the same site as it was last year with upgrades on the offering. This was my experience.

Feeling a mixture of excitement mostly and some nerves I made my way to Archbishops Park following the signposts to the registration point. Upon which I looked at the tower and thought ‘oh that’s not as high as I imagined’ only to follow the route of the zip line above my head behind me to see the much higher tower and start point.

Touching base with my fab PR contact Dani Goldberg I then went onto register myself. It was here I was greeted by the first of many friendly and helpful staff from Zip Now. I was asked to read through the customary waiver form accustomed to activities like this, and then onto a short wait for a safety video. While waiting staff took the time to converse with me and see if I was an experienced adrenaline junkie or a first timer. First Timer was my reply and the first of many mentions about being scared of heights. However, each and every member of staff looked to put you at ease and focused on the fun I was about to have while putting my slowly increasing nerves at ease.

After a short safety video, we went on to getting Geared Up. As a group, we were instructed as to how to securely put on our harness. Checked, double checked and triple checked by different members of staff. Safety is of importance to the staff here and that was felt throughout my visit. Once harnessed up we made our way to the launch tower.

Making our way up one hundred and eighty-four, yes I said one hundred and eighty-four steps, I was out of breath once I got to the top but it was too late to go back and only one way down from here. Again after a safety chat, we were given an opportunity to take any photos we wished too before descent. Lined up with my zip line now the nerves were in full flow. Again double checked by the staff to ensure my harness was correct (that was about the fifth time) and that my zip was connected properly I took my place, looking down over the Zip Line.

I very nervously stepped out onto the freestanding steps attached to the platform. That was my worst moment admittedly, we were counted down and away we went. Three Zip Lines parallel together. Myself in the middle and fellow press either side of me. We took off and the moment my feet left the floor the joy lit up in my body and the nerves were flushed away! This then was thirty seconds of pure enjoyment and adrenaline, excitement pouring through. Zipping through the air at height, this was then just fun. Coming to a stop at the other end I was pulled in by the staff and securely brought into the platform.If your comfortable with Zip Lining try and look around whist on your way down to take in the views around you, if not make sure you look around when you get to the other end.



Now for some the Zip Line will be where the experience ends, or those daredevils who think why not or seek further adrenaline there is the Mega Drop!!…..and whilst in Rome, I figured if I can come off a 35m high tower, then the Mega Drop may as well be experienced.

Basically, you step off a 15 metre platform in the style of a bungee jump which will take you to ground level. Now whatever you say and no matter how safe you know it will be, there is a human instinct that says just stepping off a ledge is not normal and it took my body about three attempts before actually doing so, but once you did that was it. Its almost over as quickly as it begins but gives you that final buzz of Adrenaline. A metre and a half into the drop the harness kicks in and lowers you down safely and if you keep your eyes open you may even land on your feet. I, however, closed my eyes and so landed flat out on my back on a lovely soft crash mat!

I was asked if I wanted to go a second time almost immediately to which I said no, with the adrenaline rush still coursing through me. However, it has ended up my biggest regret about the day that I didn’t go back for a second go to enjoy it even more. So I shall be paying another trip back to this fantastic activity at some point this summer sooner rather than later I may add.

I definitely recommend this to anyone that is a thrill seeker or even those scared of heights. To say you completed this and experienced this is something that will live in your memory and even a couple of days on I’m still buzzing from it. So if your going to do it, do both the Zip and Mega Drop!

Tickets are available for Zip Now London today from


Zip Now London remains the world’s longest and fastest city zip line, with added new thrills. The zip wire begins 35 meters above the ground with thrill-seekers making their 225-metre flight across the London skyline over Archbishop’s Park near Waterloo, taking in views of the London Eye and Parliament.

New for this year, Zip Now London will have 3 lines so you can experience the thrill of flying along with your friends at the same time. The triple-wire rig allows riders to experience breathtaking views at speed, adrenaline guaranteed. For 16-weeks the zip wire will let people soar above Archbishop’s Park with later opening times so there is plenty of opportunity to fly by wire after a stressful day in the office. Zip Now London will be open from midday to 8.00pm every day from May 22nd to early September. The event sold out quickly last year with over 30,000 riders taking the leap, so booking early is highly recommended and 2018 will be your last chance to fly by wire.

As if flying through London’s skyline wasn’t enough, Zip Now London offers a new and exhilarating free-fall experience. The ‘Mega Drop’ gives riders a heart-in-the-mouth freefall before being lowered safely down to earth. The entire Zip Now experience lasts 40 minutes which includes a thorough safety briefing.

Founder Barry Shaverin says: “Last year’s event was so successful we wanted to return for one more year, and have worked hard to make the event fresh for riders that are paying us a repeat visit. The Mega Drop jump landing means riders are in for an even greater thrill. The additional wire adds to the social experience that so many riders last year asked for, and the extra days and later opening hours mean that we can entertain even more people than we did last year. It’s great to give people another chance to experience London from a different perspective and do something a little bit adventurous in the summer.”

Zip Now London opens from May 22nd and runs until early September. Adult tickets start at £22.50, children £16.50 and family and group packages are available. The ride is open daily from 12.00pm until 8.00pm and the nearest tube stations are Lambeth North, Waterloo and Westminster.

Opening Times and Visitor Info

Open everyday: 12:00hrs – 20:00hrs

Archbishop’s Park




Nearest Tubes (Lambeth North, Waterloo, Westminster)