Well-Strung – The Crazy Coqs

The New York based string quartet Well-Strung performed at The Crazy Coqs and it was a ride from start to finish, impossible to take your eyes off them for fear of missing out on the act. This was not only a concert, but a performance. Well-Strung truly strikes the right note.

A review by Madeleine I. Ronnlund.

The Crazy Coqs was the ideal chosen venue, where the string quartet looked like they were born to stand.

On the slightly raised dias in front of the red curtains, next to a glittering black grand piano they stood. A perfect match with the intimate room in the colour scheme of white, black and red with tiny dressed tables surrounded by leather seats around.

The performance lasted for a little over an hour, consisting of music solely produced by their strings and vocals. Well-Strung create music with the idea of fusing classics from the 1700s with favorites from the modern ages, and in such a clever and unquestionable way.

The mashups are almost bizarre (in a good way) and the whole performance is extremely versatile. The string quartet brings a feeling of nothing making more sense than to sit in the dimly lit room, sipping on a glass of red wine whilst listening to their heavenly voices on a Monday evening.

It is elegant, yet warm, welcoming and definitely worthwhile.

Speaking from my own experience, I know that string instruments are not as easy as these guys make it look like. The performance starts off with a cover of Serenade in G Major, K. 525 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart combined with Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, and then continues with a solo performance by cellist Daniel Shevlin.

The rest of the concert consists of a mixture of acoustic performances, singing, anecdotes and corny jokes. What is Well-Strung’s favourite cheese? String cheese!

Looking around in the room all I saw were smiles and joy. There is no question about the band loving what they do, which, in classic domino effect, makes you love it too.

If I only got to pick one, my favourite would be Paparazzi / Vivaldi’s Winter for being nothing but a genius mashup. The cover of Hallelujah is in hot pursuit as well, due to their brilliant harmonisations and because it is so well thought through. As  the concert started to come to an end, they pull off Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music which generates a sing-along by the audience followed by laughter.

Leaving the venue all I can think about is the warm-hearted feeling of belonging created by their angelic voices and vibrant act. Time accompanied by the vocals of Well-Strung is time well spent.

Dear Santa, all I wish for Christmas is to befriend the members of Well-Strung and have them singing for me at any given occasion.