Haunted Cinema: London’s first Virtual Reality cinema experience arrives this Halloween.

London is one of the worlds theatre meccas. From pop-up immersive productions to big West-end shows, Londoners are no strangers to ground-breaking new experiences. Now another evolution: Veero, the UK’s first Virtual Reality (VR) cinema.


Veero aims to take VR out of the tech world and into real world, bringing immersive film to the masses. VR cinema is to conventional film what TV is to radio. VR films immerse viewers fully within the narrative, transforming the way filmmakers tell their stories. You’re there – in the same place as the protagonist – so you call the shots.

Veero opens its spooky Halloween pop-up on Neal Street in Covent Garden from Thursday 26th October. Tickets are priced at £19.70.

You’ll wear an individual headset and a pair of 3D headphones, while sitting on a comfortable swivel stool that enables you to easily look at the action all around you. Not only will the image move with your head, but the sound will move too, making you really believe the environment you are in is real. We’ll show a compilation of horror shorts from acclaimed directors with exact line-up will be announced imminently on website. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase.

Veero hope to bring the worldwide explosion in VR to the UK. There are over 1000 VR cinemas or arcades in China alone, yet the only permanent VR cinema in Europe is in Amsterdam. (Incidentally, it’s sold out most nights.) Beyond this pop-up, Veero will open a permanent central London flagship in early 2018.

Barry Whyte, founder of Veero commented:
“A new golden age of Hollywood is coming. Virtual Reality cinema completely changes the rules. As the UK’s first virtual reality cinema, we’ll ensure the VR films find their place alongside the world’s finest theatre – right in the heart of London’s West End. No longer will viewers have to sit at home with a headset on to enjoy immersive films. Veero makes VR social, and accessible to everyone.

“Horror is one of the strongest sub-genres within VR film, so it’s perfect for Halloween. We can’t wait to terrify Covent Garden!”

Veero is presenting their Haunted Cinema popup in partnership with WeAreCinema, Zurich-based experts in delivering pop-up virtual reality experiences.

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