THE TROCKS – Part 2 Review



A review by Aaron Whittington

We’ve already read a review you say about this? Well no not this show. Yes Les Ballet Trockadero De Monte Carlo were back a week after their first show to bring to us yet more Comedic Ballet Routines.

If you missed our first review by Abigail Kathleen then please also read it here

Tonight this show again like the previous split into sections. Covering Les Syphides, Tchaikovsky Pas Deux, Napoli Pas De Six, Raymonda’s Wedding.

Unlike Abigail who loves cherishes the ballet, i wasn’t the biggest fan. I have seen Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet and The Nutcracker. Although i totally appreciate the skill and artistry that the performers have, its just something that doesn’t light me up. So why am i here watching it you might ask? Well i wanted to see if this troupe could add something different.

Quite simply if your not a fan or you have never been to the ballet before then i totally recommend this company. With an all male cast, playing both the male and female roles it makes for entertainment when you see the body shapes and heights coming together.

Slips, Trips, Rolls and Mistimed placements are something which would normally be frowned upon and simply not accepted yet make for good fun in this show. Its was this parody on ballet not taking itself too seriously that endeared me to it. Not once over the previous three shows i had seen did i laugh, yet i found myself here chuckling away at facial expressions, actions and ‘mistakes’. Claps were encouraged and the dancers lapped up the praise as it came.

For all the humour however we witnessed fabulous and precise ballet footwork and lifts. The skill and training was for all to see, a parody act this may be but do not be fooled these are serious ballet dancers that take their art seriously.

The Trocks as they are generally known are an amazing troupe. Whilst i still don’t feel ballet is a big love for me, The Trocks have definitely made it more entertaining and interesting to watch but most importantly accessible. Ballet can be watched by all, and  if ever i saw an act that made it so then i saw it tonight. This had been a entertaining night out for sure.