“A sizzling display of Tango – Sharp, Intimate and Intense”.

German Cornejo brings his latest show Tango After Dark to its world premiere at the Peacock Theatre with Saddlers Wells and bring it he did! This show was a sizzling display of Tango – Sharp, Intimate and Intense.

Coming together with the great composer and bandoneon player, Astor Piazolla and mixing it with Corenejo’s choreography this brings a fantastic experience. A bit of imagination and you could be transported to the dancing streets of Buenos Aires.

Live music was given to us by two fantastic singers in Antonela Cirillo and Jesus Hidalgo who simply are amazing!

Seven onstage musicians playing a range of various instruments, they bring to life the music by this great composer. By instrument: Bandonean – Clemente Carraascal, Guitar – Benjamin Ciprian, Double Bass – Tomas Falasca, Drums – Jeronimo Izarrualde, Piano – Diego Ramos, Violin – Gemma Scalia, Keyboard – Ovidio Velazquez 

Split into 27 scenes over two acts we see a variety of performances from the 10 strong individual dancers in both pairs and group dances. This is a show that demonstrates everything that its title describes Tango (in its many forms). A set comprising of the stage, the band in full view across the back of the stage and the singers were minimalist however effective. Great use of backlighting and spotlighting led our eyes across and around the stage following the dancers.

Group numbers were impressive, seeing these dancers perform together at the speed and detail had your eyes glued. Sometimes though the problem was deciding which pair in the group you were wanting to watch at any one time.

The show really came into its own though when individual pairs were able to showcase their ability. A lot of these pairs have danced together for a while some through their professional competition careers and other through shows they display the understanding of partners that trust each other immensely.

Being able to see these twists, turns, lifts, spins, the intertwining of legs and flicks performed with this rate of intensity, passion and speed will leave you gobsmacked and truly questioning what you are seeing. Skill. Pure Skill.

The second act showcased the singers and band a little more than the first act, nonetheless impressive. The music led us up and down on this journey of tango, setting the mood. Softening when needed and building intensity as the dancers choreographed accordingly.

So if you like a few steps such as the Castigada, Sanguticho, Colgada or are fans of Argentine Tango amongst others then this is the show for you.

A standing ovation closed the night, with the audience in awe of what they had just witnessed. An amazing production, by an amazing cast.


Performance Times

Tue – Sat at 7.30pm
Sat at 2.30pm
Sun 4 March at 2pm & 6pm

Running time

1 hr 55 mins (including one 20 min interval)



£15, £27, £37, £42

Transaction fee applies: £3 for telephone bookings, £1.95 for online and concessionary bookings. No charge in person at Ticket Office.