This Bollywood train rolled in full steam ahead at the Peacock Theatre and was a first class experience all the way to the end of the ride!


Following on from its 2017 run at this same venue the show came back to a multi cultural audience that was waiting in anticipation to board this Bollywood train that was the Taj Express. Featuring songs from real life composer A R Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire)

Admittedly not being a watcher of Bollywood this hadn’t been on my radar much to attend, however here i was in my seat. Lesson learned as you should never assume. I absolutely loved this show.

This is a show about a show.

The story follows Shankar a composer who wants to inspire through music. He is given his first big opportunity to prove his talent when he is to work on the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Taj Express’. A love story between our main characters Arjun and Kareena. Through a somewhat loose story line changed by the writer mid way and a cast of musicians to direct we see what it takes to create a score worthy of the screen writers expectancy.

As with Bollywood this show is full of colour. This comes in the style of staging and  most importantly clothing. The females dressed in traditional dress, flow with the dance around the stage with elegance. The men too, dazzled in tops with sparkles and glitter also, occasionally also appearing bare chested for the audiences pleasure no doubt.

The show encourages audience participation and wants you to be clapping along when you can and appropriate. This audience however seemed a little shy to this however i felt. The ones that did i noticed seemed to be accustomed Bollywood background and let loose through the songs.

The dance was fabulous. The females moved comfortably, smooth, and at ease, the males bringing a strong alpha presence to the stage. Choreographed beautifully we saw moves and shapes created typical of Bollywood and Indian dance with lines and triangles.

We were taken through the imagination of Shankar as he created the songs being played out to the various film scenes in the would be movie. A welcome addition to the characters was his musical guitarist played by Chandan Raina. He brought humour galore to the role and also showed us he can play guitar excellently especially when the spotlight was on him for a solo.

The show finishes at the Peacock Theatre on October 20th 2018, so we encourage you to grab you ticket while you can. This is one train you do not want to miss!


Performance Times

Tue – Sat at 7.30pm
Sat at 2.30pm
Sun at 2pm & 6pm

Running Time
2 hrs 20 mins (including one 20 min interval)