Stolen – From The Devil’s Violin

STOLEN at the Greenwich Theatre


The Devil’s Violin announce their new production, STOLEN, which will premiere at the Greenwich Theatre before touring the UK from October to November 2017. Full dates below – tickets are on general sale now.

The ensemble will take you on an epic journey, through a dreamlike land where you will encounter a king turned to stone, an old woman living in the claw of a giant cockerel and a glass man filled with wasps.

Daniel Morden’s haunting tale is interwoven with the hypnotic string accompaniment of Sarah Moody and Oliver Wilson-Dickson.

The essence of all cinema, theatre and literature is a gripping tale well told. By weaving traditional stories into an epic narrative the Devil’s Violin return us to that essence. STOLEN is a tale of lost loves, bravery, and above all else, hope.

Generously supported by the Arts Council England Lottery Fund and the Arts Council of Wales.

Watch the trailer for STOLEN here:
STOLEN Trailer or