Boldly go where no one has gone before… Star Trek Beyond In Concert  was screened at the Royal Albert Hall, as part of a Star Trek weekend also featuring Star Trek – In Concert, with Michael Giacchino’s score performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by Ernst Van Tiel.

Our new favourite re boot of the Star Trek Beyond In Concert Series gave us this third instalment featuring Chris Pyne, Idris Elba and of course Simon Pegg.

It was also an absolute pleasure for Simon Pegg to take time to attend the venue and introduce to us the film of which he co wrote. You could see from the way he talks that he was thankful for the opportunity to do so, and well from us a big thank you to him for doing so as being a Trekkie myself found this film brilliant.

The film followed the storyline of the USS Enterprise three years into their mission, about to have some well-earned respite at the huge space station that is Yorktown. Capt James T Kirk, slightly disillusioned with his current role, wandering the galaxy and Spock, learning of his father’s death on arrival.

However the crew cut short their stay for a rescue mission when an apparent stranded Kalara drifts out in an Escape pod from a nearby nebula claiming her ship is stranded on Altamid – Unchartered territory for the crew, and which turns out to be a ploy to attract the Enterprise to Krall.

Krall is searching for a relic that Kirk has on-board the Enterprise. After an attack from Krall on approach the Enterprise is near full on destroyed and crashes into the planet Krall captures all of the Enterprise crew who attempt to escape on descent.

After crash landing on the planet it is Kirks mission to rescue his crew and defeat Krall whose grand plan is to destroy Yorktown.

Now having been to a Film in concert show before to see Harry Potter, I knew what to expect this time around and for me this was a little better than my pervious visit. However liking Star Trek more than I do Harry Potter is a good start.

With Michael Giacchino’s score being performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra led by the brilliant Ernst Van Tiel. We were treated to a delightful range of scores throughout. The Orchestra brought the action and anticipation to the room, being noticeably louder than in Harry Potter, manipulating the mood when necessary.

I have now seen the Concert Orchestra multiple times and am always amazed at the skill and brilliance of the music that they gift us. Being in the Royal Albert Hall the sounds echo around the dome and bring an acoustic you wont hear anywhere else.

The films in concert series is a brilliant event and will give you the opportunity to hear legendary scores and themes from your favourite movies live to your ears. However the one downside I have and its nothing that can be changed is that your attention sometimes has to be on the film or the orchestra. To truly appreciate the orchestra I feel you just have to watch them in full motion to fully appreciate, where if you just listen while watching the film it is quite similar to watching it at the cinema through a speaker.

If it was me I would just watch the orchestra play the scores without the film personally as they are just brilliant!

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