What is Speedflex?


With a unique gym located in the City of London, close to Bank and Monument tube stations, Speedflex is host to a dedicated Speedflex Studio and a Functional Training Studio which features state-of-the-art equipment, and a stand alone Speedflex machine, to be used at your leisure.

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Address: 33-36 Lombard Street, Plough Court, City of London, EC3V 9BQ

Speedflex is a unique weight training machine that generates personalised resistance levels based on how hard and fast the user trains with it. The machine is ‘momentum free’ providing increased resistance as the speed of use increases. This means that as you get tired and slow down the machine decreases resistance – allowing individuals to train at their maximum intensity for as long as possible. Speedflex is the pinnacle of High-Intensity Low-Impact training and in a 45-minute class, users can burn up to 1,000 calories safely with minimal risk of injury.

Speedflex machines have a free motion bar which, unlike traditional resistance exercise machines, requires users to apply force through an entire exercise, which means more muscle groups are used and more calories are burned.This also means the machine is extremely safe, offering all the benefits of HIIT but without the risk of injury – because when you’re tired you don’t want to be dropping a heavy dumbbell on yourself!



Speedflex studios are equipped with top of the range InBody machines – which give fast, on-site body analysis. Using advanced sport science technology, InBody analysis can easily measure training progress, offering users quantitative data they can track over time. Measurements such as metabolic rate, bodyfat, lean body mass, minerals and hydration status are taken. So rather than relying on the scales, members can accurately track their bodyfat mass during their membership and analyse exactly how much fat they have lost



All Speedflex classes utilise visual feedback from a MYZONE heart rate monitor on TV screens placed in the studio to ensure motivation never wanes. The MYZONE monitors allow users to track the classes they attend and number of calories burned over time, as well as seeing their optimal heart rate zone for training.

About Speedflex:


Founded and formed in 2011 by business entrepreneur Graham Wylie CBE, alongside CEO Paul Ferris and former Newcastle United player Alan Shearer, Speedflex offer high intensity interval training group circuit classes with a twist due to its unique technology.

Allowing up to 16 individuals to train together regardless of their fitness level, a Speedflex session includes a combination of eight Speedflex machines and eight auxiliary stations. This combination provides an ever changing and dynamic exercise experience. Clients receive live feedback through continuous heart rate monitoring and their progress is regularly evaluated. Speedflex machines have a hydraulic based system which allows the participant to generate personalised resistance levels, so every individual can train at their own optimum level. Speedflex delivers all the benefits of HIIT but without the risk of injury and pain that is usually associated with this type of training.

Speedflex currently has studios in London, Coulby Newham, Cork, Darlington, Dunfermline, Durham, Dallas, Dubai, Edinburgh, Reigate, Mansfield, Newcastle, Norwich and West Byfleet.


For more information, visit www.speedflex.com