SPAMALOT came to the New Wimbledon Theatre on the search for the Holy Grail

So we got to see SPAMALOT at New Wimbledon Theatre which is touring in its search for the Holy Grail and by King Arthur did we have laughs on the journey!

So no doubt if your a fan of comedy then you have at some point seen the Monty Python films and in particular Monty Python & The Holy Grail¬† –¬† The original screenplay with Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle,Terry Jones and Michael Palin….

…well now after last night and my viewing lets then add the names Bob Harms, Rhys Owen, Sarah Harlington, Jonathan Tweedie, Stephen Arden, and Marc Akinfolarin to the legends of comedy!!!

We all have an idea that this will be a show that will be full of fun and laughter and it did not disappoint.

The film by the original cast was a hit in 1975 taking the mickey out of the great legend that is King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. Converted to a musical on Broadway which then made its way to London and then a tour in the UK in 2010, it came back better than ever.

After an introduction and purposeful miscommunication about which country this was being played out in which led to a merry song and dance, we proceeded to see King Arthur riding around on his imaginary horse recruiting for his vacant table of Knights to be, with his sidekick Patsy of whom (with the aid of coconuts) give us the sound to visualise the horse trotting across the fields and counties. After recruiting his various crew from different backgrounds, they set off on their journey set by the lord which brings them across ‘The French’, ‘The Knights who say ‘NI’ ‘, ‘The Black Knight’, and the hugely dangerous but adorable ‘Rabbit’, The Star Studded and decorated Camelot – Home of Arthur to the audience rows! A fantastic ending to the show also which I wont reveal, but just be prepared for when they find the Holy Grail as you may be the one finding it!

All the cast play their part in this production to bring us laughs a plenty. Arthur is played brilliantly by Bob Harms, ever reminding us he is’ Arthur – King of the Britain’s’, his relationship with Patsy is sweet and also expectant which is that of a king and his servant. Rhys Owen is the guy that has always been there for Arthur but just doesn’t get recognised for his efforts but plays a fantastic part in getting Arthur to where he needs to go on his horse! As well as many jokes along the way.

Sarah Harlington stood out with her wonderful voice who would no doubt have adorned any knight or prince in the medieval times, her humour was great and portrayal of the Lady of the Lake, just entertaining throughout.

Jonathan Tweedie is the ever brave Sir Lancelot of whom through his own journey for the grail, discovers feelings that he hadn’t realised and performs a fantastic number near the end in some fantastic outfits. Norton James and Marc Akinfolarin also play their part in supporting Knights bringing humour a plenty.

Stand out songs ‘The song that goes like this’ and ‘Whatever happened to my part’, make us laugh as they are thrown in to take the mickey out of musicals/films and the amount of time our ‘Lady of the Lake’ has been given on stage. King Arthurs ‘I’m all Alone’ is endearing as we wish for Patsy to be recognised and appreciated more. The classic ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ was one we all knew.

This is definitely a show to be watched and will have you laughing from start to ending. So get yourself down to Wimbledon for the remaining shows or pick up where it leaves off and get a show in for 2018.