SOAP Underbelly Festival Review

The Bath Tub has never been such fun place to be!

We attended the press night of SOAP at Underbelly Festival. You may have seen this advertised on posters around London. A Bath Tub, splashing water with an acrobat mid-somersault, well that just turned out to be the half of it.

Complete with a rubber duck appearance this 70 Minute show straight through brought us humour, skill, sexual innuendo and eight amazingly skilled acrobats and performers in total.

I’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and Cirque Beserk over the last five months so a circus based show based around a bathtub was of definite interest.

Escorting us through this show is Marie-Andree Lemaire, who through her humour has us laughing throughout. She doesn’t have to say a lot as it is all in her expressions and movement but communicates it brilliantly. Her personability and cuteness are adoring and being a trained circus performer and clown her experience shines through. It proves you don’t have to wear a red nose and funny hair to be funny.

The Spiegeltent is the venue for this show and its intimate venue gives us the opportunity to be up and close to the action, especially if you are in the front row (plastic sheet provided in case you are).

Set to sketches and performances giving each member of the cast the chance to showcase their individual ability and expertise we are left in amazement to some, other in laughs and awe to others.

Every member of this cast is hot and sexy, maybe that’s why its set in a bathtub to help cool us down, and it is only because you see these ripped muscular males and slender flexible females that you see that’s the only way you would be able to perform some of these amazing acrobatic routines.

We are treated to Lena Ries and a contortion routine which is amazing and just surreal to see. Especially when like me you can’t even touch your toes. Vanessa Alvarez sublime and can definitely use her feet with her foot juggling. Taking multiple towels and spinning them seamlessly and manipulating the direction and speed in the air. The balance and skill are unreal.

Adam Endris Yeman gives us his juggling skills and fabulous they are, throwing balls at high speed whilst undressing himself or juggling behind his back. Occasionally losing a ball himself proved its never a perfect art but for sure one the average person cannot do!

Jennifer Lindshield dazzled with her operatic voice throughout the show added something different and her versions of classics converted to bath themed lyrics humorous. Mortiz Haase giving us a surprise early in the show although I won’t say what (just look out for him off stage) going on to skillfully performs the dance trapeze.

I mentioned Marie-Andree Lemaire earlier who was a highlight and star for me from start to finish, but Anton Belyakov and Daniel Leo Stern truly brilliant. From sheer strength and balance, they displayed an amazing array of acrobatics whether it was hand standing on the bath with one arm, swinging through the bath as if they were performing on a set of bars, twists and turns, aerial straps more!

It rained centrally on the stage from the top of the tent and this show certainly will rain amazement. One we recommend for you to see. So if you haven’t opened your self up to SOAP we say get your ticket now.

This is an amazing and encompassing show that will amaze and defy, have you in laughs and an appreciation of the circus arts.

Dates: Thursday 3 May – Saturday 17 June 2018 – 6 weeks only!!


Box Office: or 03333 444 167.





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