We visited the Soho Theatre where Simon Evans was displaying his comical whit as part of his UK Tour of ‘Genius’ which started out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is now making us all laugh across the country.

Simon Evans for you that do not know is a UK Comedian  – well established at that. He has appeared on TV across different shows such as Daves One Night Stand, Comedy Store, Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week. So you may just have come across this comic at some point.

Genius was the name of the show, and for us it was! Simon’s aim of the show is to take us through modern Genius, and how we define it in the modern age. Reflecting on his years of experience and comparing to then and now he has us in laughs throughout.

At the start of the show, he talks about his age and how age appears to be gaining on him, the need for having to wear glasses, he picks out another audience member who has a set resting on her head, testing his eyesight through the pair to realise they have opposite focal needs gives us some chuckles.

The need to write post-it notes to remember what it is he is climbing the stairs for only to get there to forget and have to make his way all the way back down again certainly reminded me of my own memory skills and lack of attention span. We then turn to judging people in petrol station queues, to the qualifications needed to run the country and reflecting on the likes of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, and Brexit negotiations. Do we really have the right people running our country? Simon makes some very valid points and may just be as qualified in terms of education to run himself. A little about his own mother and father has us delving into their relationship.

We then move on to records of which he shows us his own personal Guinness Book of Records, reminiscing about what it took to get a record in yesteryear and cleverly compared it to a modern-day version, which shows us just how much society has changed and just how silly we can be and just how much attention we pay to it.

The audience was middle-aged and appealed every bit to the humour. Simon Evans rolled off his tongue effortlessly. This is because we have experience in life too, we have seen society change we can lend ourselves to the very experiences that Simon talks about, we have found that we can be just the same. This show is perfect in every sense and delivered smartly. We wouldn’t expect anything else from this performer, the audience laughed and as a comic what more do you want! The show is generating 4/5 stars everywhere and I can see why.

The tour runs until 9th JUNE 2018 and honestly is a great night out. Be educated in the term ‘GENIUS’ with Simon Evans.