Be ready to be shocked in this new show!

We were lucky enough to be invited down to The London Dungeon for a preview of Seance. Having never been to the Dungeons before (yes i’m a Londoner who has never been) I didn’t know what to expect. However that added to intrigue and experience.

Face your fears as you place your hands on the Ouija board in the Dungeons latest show. This half term get ready to make contact with the spirit world, as our most fearless visitors will join our sinister Victorian medium as she attempts to contact the afterlife in this spine tingling experience.

Visitors brave enough to visit the dungeon this February will step back to the 1870s. As they make their way through the streets of Victorian London they will meet the legendary psychic Agnes Guppy, who has become well known for her levitations and transportation during séances. Guests will be there to witness if Guppy’s actions and her extraordinary psychic abilities are fake? Or does she possess an unearthly gift to perpetuate paranormal activity?

Visitors should be prepared for a hair-raising experience, as strange goings-on begin in the psychic parlour… will they be able to hold their nerve and leave with their souls intact?

Victorian London treated us to the Plague, in which we got a little history and were able to see our doctor who was to save us from the plague…indeed dead from the plague on a table himself, be careful though if you are identified as looking like you have it too, there is a special seat just for you!

We go through to see our Sweeney Todd Pie Shop, with all the fingers in the pies. Filled with funny puns from Ms Lovett she has a range of pies and innuendos for you. Onto the demon barbershop and Mr Sweeney Todd pays us a visit.

To the main event then that was ‘Seance’. This week long addition opens today and well if you are superstitious or believe in the other side this may be for you. Two guests get to sit at a Table. On the table a Ouija Board. The room filled with ornaments and pieces of collectibles. Led by Agnes Guppy who was a real life medium from London, most famous for an apparent levitatiton/transportation from her house in Highbury to Conduit street – a whole three miles away!



Hands on table, after asking our names our Agnes summons the spirits to the room. Communicating via the Ouija Board we find out who the spirits are watching over. See how our names are magically chalked onto a board by a ghost. Darkness fills the room, unable to see we are in suspense, the sound of symbols clanging together, doors banging  – have we really summoned a ghost to the room? You will have to see for yourself, but we were definitely left  with a feeling of shock! This new limited time experience was fantastic and one of the best to see at the dungeon for sure.

We then visited the local tavern to hear all about Jack the Ripper, were we safe in this tavern ? This is the Dungeons….of course not!

Finally the penultimate session, taken in for judgement we stood before the judge. Having to answer for our crimes we were to stand in the dock ashamedly and face our consequences.

To end our visit we experienced the Drop – i wont say anymore other than i was not prepared for what happened. (and the picture taken by the venue was a typical snapshot of my worst moment!)

Be prepared to like the dark in your visit as this plays a major part in your experience for better or worse!