On the 21st September comedian Russell Howard returns to TV exclusively on Sky 1 and NOWTV to offer his unique and acclaimed perspective on news and current affairs in The Russell Howard Hour.

Fresh from his recent global hit tour which saw a record-breaking 10-night run at the Royal Albert Hall, overtaking eight in a row jointly held by Frank Sinatra and Barry Manilow, and performing the largest ever stand-up show in China, Russell will give viewers an international perspective and reaction to the seemingly relentless flow of major British and world news stories breaking 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The 14-week series will also see Russell conduct in-depth, one-on-one, studio interviews each week as well as introducing some (very) junior global correspondents to offer their on-the-ground perspective on what the hell is going on in the world.

Speaking about the show Russell says, “It’s fair to say that the world is insane at the moment – when was the last time you saw the news and weren’t terrified?  Every day we’re bombarded with something new, so, in my new show we’re going to celebrate the heroes and mock the madness.” 



During Round the World, his biggest international tour to date, Russell performed 87 major dates with runs in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, China, New Zealand and Australia.   Whilst Russell was touring, a clip from his last stand-up show Wonderbox (2014) went viral with 15 million views in China (with Mandarin subtitles) and another 55 million views worldwide.  Russell Crowe and Stephen Fry are amongst some of the Twitterati who have shared the heart-warming story of Russell and a sick fan’s triumph over adversity.


Sharon Lougher, The Metro

“world domination is looming… he has grown darker, angrier and more satirical on stage. His sets deal with everything from foreign policy to his fear of death, and he rages as much as he teases.”  

Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times

“Hilarious and heartfelt” ★★★★

Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard

“Intimate and raw” ★★★★

Mark Wareham, Mail On Sunday

“He’s never been more relevant” ★★★★

Rachael Moon, Manchester Evening News

“Last week, I saw Russell Howard’s highly entertaining new show, playing at the Royal Albert Hall, no less. He is now doing a world tour, and why not? He is a global star, with a huge following.” 

David Stephenson, The Sunday Express

“We’ve certainly never seen the venue’s [Royal Albert Hall] roof raised this high.” 

Shyvonne Thomas, Digital Spy


Russell Howard is one of the most successful comedians of his generation with 48 million views on his official YouTube channel alone.  He has been watched in 180 countries including North Korea and Vatican City.  Several segments from his previous TV series have gone viral, from a passionate backing of junior doctors and the NHS (8.2 million views and described by Huffington Post as, “incredible”), an interview destigmatising Tourettes (4.9 million views and described as, “uplifting and hilarious” by The Independent) and demonstrated the absurdity of the tampon tax (10.2 million views with Metro saying RUSSELL, “nailed how stupid the tampon tax actually is”).  Russell is the most popular British comedian on Facebook with over 3.2 million fans and over 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

The Russell Howard Hour will be produced by Avalon.  The commissioning editor at Sky is Shirley Jones, whilst Executive Producers are Richard Allen-Turner, James Taylor and Jon Thoday for Avalon.  The show is directed by Peter Orton and series produced by Robyn O’Brien.