Alexander Proud may have been sad at seeing his Proud Camden site have to close with Camden Council feeling the need to freshen the area up with a different style of nightlife, but what is Camden’s loss is Embankments gain.

We had been lucky enough to be invited the offical launch of the venue on Thursday 12th April for a private show of which the venue opened to the public from 11 pm onwards.

This looks like a hidden gem, minutes away from Embankment and Temple stations and directly beneath Waterloo bridge but the reputation that a ‘Proud’ venue has will ensure it is known.

Upon entering I was instantly struck with the design and interior of this venue.No expense has been spared. Instantly it is hard not to be taken aback by the quality and time that has been put into this venue. Just ensure you have dressed as good as the venue.

Self-described  ‘The majestic two-storied venue boasts a dining capacity of 450, making it the largest cabaret restaurant of its kind, homing a spectacular array of conceptual shows – from circus and classic burlesque to sleek choreographed routines. After hours the venue will transform into a 750-capacity nightclub where you can be dazzled by late-night performances, taking you all the way to 5 am if you choose’ this is certainly a place to be.

Designed as an American 1920’s Cabaret style venue, the dimly lit, venue instantly transports you back to the era without fuss or thought. The downstairs houses a majority of the dining tables placed around the square that is the main stage, above on the 1st floor is a balcony area that houses sofas and set back from those more tables.


A night of cabaret and circus acts unfolded before our eyes in the forms of circus and burlesque hosted by Chastity Belt and Joe Morose. I won’t say too much as I want you to see them for yourself but all are top draw acts. The staff are friendly and attentive and the cocktails are top quality as you would expect!

Thursday’s will bring you Proud Big Top, Friday – Lady Marmalade and Saturdays – Secret Burlesque Society.

Just some of the hosts and performers you can look forward to seeing are:


“Chastity Belt – Chanteuse, Compére and all round good egg. She is the thinking man’s crumpet and the crumpet man’s thinker.

As her name suggests, she can belt with the best of them and can be found doing so in some of the top cabaret venues in London and around the country.
However, despite her name, this part time feminist is rarely chaste. Like every modern woman she extols the virtues of forward thinking and gin drinking, but will happily drop it all for a prospective husband with a beard and strong shoulders.


Glaswegian born Beau is reminiscent of a Vargas pin-up girl with a cute sass, flirty smile and an unmistakably naughty sparkle in her eye. Her stage persona combines glamour with a heart-warming pinch of girl next door calamity… but don’t let her angelic features fool you as she has been known to make both men and women blush with a well-timed wink and bump of her hip!

Her foray into publicly peeling began in 2006 with the north east based troop – Club Boudoir – where she refined her bumping, grinding and all out booty shaking.


Dave The Bear? More like Dave The Legend… This performer has been wowing burlesque crowds worldwide for the past 5 years. A former member of both Bearlesque and The Cubs, Dave, very much like Beyonce decided to go solo and just got more and more awesome. You can also regularly catch Dave on TV on shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and the one he is most proud of, Embarrassing Bodies.”The Miley Cyrus of the Bear Scene” QX Magazine “Marvellously funny and wickedly cheeky” Attitude Magazine “Epically Entertaining” Burlesque Bible


Joe Morose, the dandy prince of cabaret, is one of Proud’s resident comperes. The bastard lovechild of Peter Pan and Dot Cotton, he has the body of a child and the mind of a gin addled old lady. Outside of his home at Proud, Joe has performed in Cabarets at numerous venues across London, including The Hippodrome, Madame JoJo’s and The Kaff Bar. When not in dark rooms with semi-naked people, Joe is an actor, director, composer and writer. He has performed, directed and musically directed in theatres all over the country and on London’s west end.


Acrobatic duo, Deux Ailes combine grace, style and gravity-defying agility both in the air and on the ground.  Creating breath-taking routines that have dazzled audiences in cabarets, circuses and Festivals across the world, professional dancer Fiona and Commonwealth Games Circus Graduate Cory, merge the worlds of dance and acrobatics.  Cory was nominated for best circus show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, in her solo show Ringside.  She has also being hired in a huge variety of events including shows with the Queen and Royalty present.  Fiona has been working as a professional dancer since the age of 17.  She has worked for international cruise ships, high-end Casinos, Cabarets and at large corporate events, with contracts all over the world.  They now work together to create duo performances that enthral and excite.

After which the venue turns into a wonderful place to see the night away and welcome the early morning. Listed already post-show events are Proud Embankment Fridays where they will have in-house djs playing non-pretentious, crowd pleasers to keep you dancing late into the night.

Saturday nights SINTILLATE will be bringing renowned DJs, Bartella and Rob Moorsey to provide the soundtrack throughout the night, playing a mix of commercial house, party club and everything in between, and they’ll be accompanied by live performances, musicians, aerial artists and more to create an electric atmosphere!

ON APRIL 21st Proud Embankment also have The Cuban Brothers in the house of whom It’s long been said that Cubans sing when they speak, dance when they walk and woo with a love song. So it should be of little surprise that The Cuban Brothers’ peerless funk soul review blends sexy, SOULFUL MUSIC, with jaw-dropping B-BOY ACTION and RIOTOUS COMEDY.



*Credit Proud Embankment for images and descriptive text used. Taken from proud Embankment website.