We headed down to the EventIM Apollo in Hammersmith to see the last few dates of his Live Innit Tour.

Having been on the comedy circuit now for about just over 18 years you may have come across Paul Chowdry, he has also popped up on our tv screens on our favourite comedy channel Dave in Taskmaster, Stand up for the week and Live at the Apollo. He also makes YouTube videos that bring laughs and controversy in equal measure of those he talks about.

So we arrived and to warm us up we had Julian Deane. Unlike music acts, Julian played out his routine to a pretty full house and so had our attention.Time passed quickly with this act and although acting as support could have had longer on stage I thought. His humour warming this crowd up with gags about Dyslexia, Being a parent, Having a favourite child and certainly had us laughing away. Julian is one I shall now look out for to see him headline wherever he is playing.

A short break in proceedings and on came the main man for the night, Paul Chowdry. Against a stage of smoke, an X Factor verbal introduction he appeared and the crowd clapped and whaled.

Opening the topics for discussion was the front row, and how unfortunate of you if you were sat in the front row you were, as you were prime for picking and once you were, that was it for the show referenced and talked to throughout!  Luckily I was 10 rows from the front so probably not even noticed. Paul started and took aim at Viagogo the ticket agency and joked that they buy up all his allocation for £20 a ticket and resell at £200. Pointing out that no Bengali would pay that much for a ticket and so must have been upgraded.

Before you start thinking how rude that is, be aware Paul Chowdry as you look around appears to be a big favourite with the Indian/Asian community with a lot taking the time to attend. However this was a multicultural and diverse audience and so Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese and Whites all had their moment in the comedic spotlight. Whether you were the Muslimah or Tracy & Dave from the front row, Paul didn’t care, your prime for picking.

Paul tells us about the time he was mistaken for a Kidnap suspect and appeared on Crimewatch and compared in the Daily Mirror to a photofit of another man with a beard. This plagued him for some time and seeing the reactions and quotes from people online in reaction also very funny. To how he himself deals with people who abuse him online also. Paul describes the differences between the British and Indian community and views on marriage or being older and not married. Our approaches to dating via Tinder to wanting to bring your friends to the Shisha bar. We touch on the terror attack in London and the types of people we want to be able to ward off these terrorists. Headbutting us to safety.

Of course, every show has a couple of glitches no doubt and tonight his £50,000 screen had a poor connection often flickering on and off sporadically, which actually also added to the comedy watching him try to point out things and use it via his laptop. The other being that one person who seems to think they are funnier than the act on stage and tonight it was some guy in the stalls going on about a Ford tractor. Why who knows? But he kept trying to make his point, but with Paul not being outdone, soon put him in his place and then continued to berate and reference him throughout the rest of the show which brought a laugh every time.

If you worry about what people say, about who and how they say it, this show or Paul Chowdry isn’t for you. Through his comedy, Paul takes modern day political correctness and breaks down the barrier into a comedic routine that has you laughing throughout. Casual Racism, Non -PC terminology or just referencing behaviours of cultures the jokes are aimed at everyone in his audience, and it will have you in laughs all the way through.

This is the brilliant thing about comedy and the exact point he makes in passing that if we can bring people together and laugh, then we make it a better place. Tonight that was achieved in spades and hence why I have given it 5 stars.

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