PALOMA FAITH  -THE ARCHITECT 2018 TOUR AT O2 ARENA – Rebecca Facey reviewed for us

An incredibly honest performer with fantastic stage presence and stunning vocals. Paloma Faith providing a new view onto her music.

The UK tour of Paloma Faith is a mixture of old and new. Many songs performed were on her new album ‘The Architect’ and were performed with a completely different sound to other works before. It was nice to see the contrast of her new songs compared to her old songs and to see her journey throughout her music.

Paloma Faith as a performer is mind blowing. Not only does she have stage presence throughout the whole show addressing the audience many times, I was not let down by the vocals. A lot of times you go and see recording artist’s live and it does not sound the same as the album they have produced. Paloma blows that out the water, able to perform every song to the best of her ability, if not better.

What was really nice to see was Paloma Faith’s journey through her music including the incredible stories behind it, often making a music I Have more of a feeling to us, more purpose. It enabled us to empathise with what Paloma was feeling when writing this.

Finally, what was really nice to see was the massive age range, from youngsters to the older generation, everyone there was singing along and dancing and having a great time. It shows that Paloma has really hit it on the head with her music appealing to all, ultimately bringing us together as a Community almost rather than raging fans.

I was incredibly impressed with Paloma’s tour overall, not just with the music but with everything else that adds to the overall experience. I would say that if you wish to go and see Paloma you will not be disappointed.

Thanks also to Rebecca Facey of All Things Stagey who attended for us and guest posted. Find her normal twitter adventures at @allthingsstagey