NIKKI LOY: Tongue Tied Single Launch


On Thursday 9th November we had been lucky enough to be invited to the ‘Single Launch’ for Nikki Loys new Single ‘Tongue Tied’ which took place in the intimate and slightly secretive live music venue Shoreditch Treehouse.

Well to start this feature off, this was a special venue, and to go with it a special Artist indeed.

Now I’m not a specialist in the Music Industry nor am I qualified in the genre but do like to say what I see, so attended to review the gig, however I wont write about rifts, melodies or tunes as there are much more qualified people to talk about that but just on observation of someone who until 9 weeks ago hadn’t heard of Nikki Loy and who is now after a little research of listening and being privileged to attend this intimate gig can say is now truley a fan!

So who is Nikki Loy?

UK singer-songwriter Nikki Loy originally from Honiton, Devon (now based in Brighton) is a gallant girl who converted herself a campervan and traded home comforts for the life of a musician on the road. Now vlogging her experiences in a series called ‘Pivotal Moments’

She has performed everywhere from the high street to the legendary Ronnie Scott’s, and 100 Club in London. In a rollercoaster ride of new love, ever-changing views, and being the victim of a drive-by shooting, she is vlogging her experiences of touring as she goes in a new weekly YouTube series, Pivotal Moments.

Last year Nikki released her critically acclaimed album Pivotal, produced by George Shilling (Primal Scream/ Stornaway/Frank Turner), and bagged two main support slots for 42+ dates supporting Shane Filan and Sam Bailey up and down the country for their sold out UK tours.

So here we were in The Shoredtich Treehouse of which is a converted loft, and almost could be someone’s living room. This casual venue has a small bar, but offers a BYOB (bring your own bottle) policy. Seating is casual with a large corner sofa, small and large sized cushions arranged on the floor to suitably perch your bum on the floor.


Nikki offered a special VIP start to the evening for those who wished to have an even more intimate experience of which she made sure though her own research that she knew the names of all attending. Some fans have followed Nikki for years and were already known, then the new like me. Nikki was sure to go around and ensure that everyone that attended this part of the evening was seen, spoken to and made to feel welcome by the very artist they had come to see – herself. This made it special as like many artists may say a hello and walk onto the the next person and so on but Nikki ensured everyone had some time with her. Truly interested in the people who had taken the time to attend her gig.


Nikki then started performing by herself, her band had taken a break from this part so we got Nikki and only Nikki. Playing up and close gave us the opportunity to truly see the emotion Nikki displays in her performances and has and puts into her songs, being so close to the point my outstretched legs on the floor were only inches away from this guitar singing star.

We were treated to three songs of ultimate class and then shown one she had just finished writing ‘ Wild Heart Running’. A song owed to heartbreak and getting over it by the very thing she does best writing about it! This however was only finished after a couple more years experience of life. This as commented by on lookers should definitely be a song release very soon.

We took a break and then the main part of the show started more guests arriving for the main set, travelling from all over. Myself from 10 minutes away, those from Oxfordshire, Brighton, Bristol and even from Bali!

On came the support Act giving us a wonderful set by ILONA who was accompanied on guitar and piano by Tony Moore. Originally from Bulgaria ILONA has been based in the UK for the last 15 years. She has carved out a successful career winning numerous wards for videos as well as live performance, Likened to artists such as Shania Twain she has her own direction and quality that will no doubt see her succeed. ‘The best day of my life’ being a song that perfectly showcased her voice. (another song taken and inspired by personal heartbreak)

Check more out about ILONA

Then back to Nikki Loy – the reason we were all here.

Playing mostly from her new album ‘Pivotal’ we were also treated to a few songs that had been played at gigs for a while.

Starting off with ‘Fill my mind’ this easy listening track odes to the beauty of Nikkis Voice and country inspiration. Followed by ‘slipping off my tongue’ all about falling in love and owed to the current love of her life of whom she had in fact known for many years.

Then came the first song on the album ‘Under the Lightning’ this was a upbeat song of loving someone and all those feelings you get –  the audience totally focused on Nikkis Voice quite quickly showed they were enjoying this amazing voice.

‘Poison’ being one of her earlier songs she has in her repertoire also on the album – was a darker song, inspired by all the vampire themes of the time. Two of  my favourites of the night then came after each other on ‘Walkaway’ and ‘Closer’. The latter being my most favourite! I’m sure we have all had that one person we thought or think about and the things we wish they would do and how we feel when they are closer and how we wish them not to stop Followed by ‘Pivitol’ – the title track of the album. ‘Past to the Past’, the dreamy lyrics and sound had us off thinking of that person we always wanted to be ‘kissing me’ in ‘Reverie’ and ‘Outskirts; (only available on the deluxe version of the album) were heart warming.

Nikki accompanied by her amazing band Ryan Robinson-Acoustic Guitar, Matt Baker-Grand Piano, Phil Heard-Drum, Pete Sherman-Bass, George Shilling-Cello and Cheryl Pearce on vocals were collectively fantastic together and you could see the belief and friendship throughout the whole group giving them a likeable chemistry.

Coming towards the end of the set and for those moments when we are wanting a cuddle ‘Hold me now’ was for those when your lying on your bed, curled up just wishing that one person could hold you and comfort you and make things all better.

‘Some kind of Fool’ and one of Nikkis favourites to play this actually didn’t make the album but is a song that typically refers us to always thinking of that person we just cant get out of our head.

Then the finale – The whole reason we were here the now released track ‘Tongue Tied’ of which if you have seen the video get to see six whole version of Nikki Loy dealing with the inner critic, the voices in her head telling her if she’s done a good job or bad job in life and being able to ignore the negative and go with the good.


Nikki Loy is a star, her songs portray heartfelt experience that we can all relate too, whether it be happy or sad emotion. Her voice amazing and in this intimate venue you really got to hear the sheer finesse of it. Nikki too has stage presence which is fantastic, Nikki doesn’t need gimmicks or props to show off. She is an artist, one that people will come to know if not already and want to watch her for what she does and who she is – a great person, performer and singer!

If you like the single ‘Tongue Tied’ then purchase here from all your usual outlets.

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