James Arthur – SSE Wembley Arena


It was Friday 24th November at the SSE Arena Wembley we got to see James Arthur on this Arena Tour.

8 Dates into this tour with 4 now left, this was the first time I got to see James Arthur Live.

To start with James managed to persuade Ella Henderson to support him on this tour, another previous X Factor contestant and No.1 Selling Single and Album Artist. Believe me what a catch that was. Ella Henderson is successful in her own right and no doubt use to headlining herself had to play support act on this occasion. However what an act she did. Performing like it was indeed her own concert a almost capacity Wembley Arena seemed to have ensured they turned up to see this talent. Ella Henderson commanded the stage and with her recognisable voice, hitting notes that many cant reach, she blew us all away with a range of songs finishing with one of her biggest hits ‘Ghost’. If there ever was an act to warm up the crowd Ella was the perfect choice.

After a twenty minute wait as the stage got changed and prepared for James Arthur we waited in anticipation.

So at 8.45pm the lights went down, a dimly lit SSE Wembley Arena alerted us that this was the moment. The main act was here and arrive he did. Boldly walking onto stage he sang and ensured he covered the stage in its entirety. Left to Right acknowledging the audience, even at one point standing on top of a speaker James showed us the entertainer in him. We are use to seeing him maybe with his guitar and piano which later did come, but James is more than that, he is a singer, songwriter and performer. Quickly engaging the audience he got us all clapping along and this was just the start of the night. You could see in his movement, his appreciation and look in his eyes this was a man grateful for what was occurring. He was headlining, he was the main man and was thankful for all those that turned up to see him.

Quite quickly into the set James also acknowledged to the audience the above by referring to his X Factor win, and how thankful he was for those that voted for him and the journey that has taken him to this point. For that we were treated to the song ‘Impossible’ that essentially was the start of it all.

James also showed us that he is into different genres also and is now able to express himself in the way he wishes too, and by doing so gave us a bit of hip hop. Onto ‘Sober’ James fed off the crowds energy, the onstage lighting also emphasised moments of intensity too. After which we were complimented with a shower of roses falling down from the roof onto stage with the aforementioned song ‘Roses’ a collaboration with Emeli Sande.

Mentioning musical influences James referenced George Michael for being ground breaking and an innovator in his field not being afraid. In tribute James sat at his piano, with two assistants on the keys, a spotlight on each and played ‘Careless Whisper’ a heartfelt version that poured of emotion.

Back to a harder sound we heard ‘Your nobody till somebody loves you’ giving us a edgier rock sound which then transitioned into ‘Cry me a river’ and back.

James brought Ella Henderson back to the stage to share an exclusive track which they wrote together titled ‘Lets go home together’ (*Footage from Liverpool’s Echo Arena 17/11)

This was a catchy tune which had all waving our arms.

After a couple more songs that had everyone up on their feet that was it after an hour and a half of James Arthur, the concert was over. However of course there is an encore and not just one song either. Ending on ‘Say you wont let go’ this was a fantastic way to end the night and send us all home talking about a great performance from sn Artist that a long future in the music industry for sure.


If you haven’t seen him grab tickets for the remaining dates now HERE

JAMES ARTHUR - SSE Wembley Arena
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