I love the 90’s Tour Review

The ‘I love the 90’s Tour’ rolled into The SSE ARENA, Wembley last night and what a night it was!

Fun packed, Great Atmosphere and Brilliant Acts!

We were given the opportunity to attend and watch this show that wants to take you back to the 90’s! The Era of great music, times before Smartphones, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Vanilla Ice asking us if we were the people who visited Blockbuster for our videos, if we grew up with the Original Ninja Turtles, with us shouting yes to each question as if to prove this was our era and this was the show for us.

Being a show based on the 90’s the age for the crowd predominantly was 30+ bringing with it a sense of maturity. But this was all about reminiscing, bringing it back to the Old Skool, seeing acts you either saw in your teens yet again or having this opportunity to see them for the very first time.

The show brings us back to the Biggest Artists the world had seen with hundreds of millions of records sold individually let alone collectively. All the acts were American, but this certainly didn’t detract.

So if you were a fan of Young Mc, ToneLoc, Coolio, Salt n Pepa and Vanilla Ice you were in for treat.

If you arrive early enough for the warm ups about 6-6.15pm and if you know your music and get picked out could win the chance to be on stage dancing along as a backing dancer with Salt n Pepa later in the show. This was a fun segment where the DJ would play some music and yes..you had to guess the name of the song. It was funny watching people answer instantly with confidence only to be wrong and get told thn to get off stage, and the reaction of those who got it right and won the opportunity for later in the show.

Young Mc, ToneLoc, Color Me Badd and Coolio all had 15 minute sets to show us why they were the biggest hit makers of their time, to be followed by equal one hour sets by Salt n Pepa and Vanilla Ice.

Starting slightly later as billed, Young Mc came on stage and being the first act on the bill is always a hard one I feel, as you are playing to a venue not yet filled to capacity, but did he care? No! Starting off with his song ‘Back at It’  he whirled the crowd up, getting us in the mood for the musical brilliance we were to watch.

Followed by ToneLoc and Color Me Badd we got to see these artists dance (yes they still got the moves!) and parade their biggest hits with Color Me Badd bringing us back to when we wanted to ‘Sex You Up’. By now the crowd where definitely transported back to the 90’s. Some bringing the customary bum bags of the time, no doubt dusted off from the back of the wardrobe!

Then came ‘Coolio‘ one of the stand out names for me on this bill, although older still Cool -io! Taking us through a few songs until the one we all wanted ‘Gangtas Paradise’. Accompanied by the saxophone this version was fantastic live and the skills of our sax or as Coolio called him the Sex-aphone Player was outstanding to hear.

I don’t really want to call these above acts ‘warm ups’ as they were all successful, majorly successful actually but here we were, living our youth again, dancing in the unreserved standing area, looking at those in the seats, also up standing, hands in the air and also what is common now phones in the air, stadium lit up with camera phones.. (certainly didn’t happen in the 90’s!), we awaited the one, the two, the three! Salt n Pepa and Spinderella!!!!

Wow did they make an entrance also! This one hour set treated us to some great songs, Salt n Pepa doing what they do best and entertaining the crowd. After of course apologising for getting all you ladies in trouble as youths with your parents. They both had the energy and verve to be a headline act and time has not had an effect on this duo! Also accompanied on stage by our earlier competition winners  – first the ladies then the men the stage was full. Playing hits like ‘What a Man’ and the ever classic ‘Push it’ we were bouncing!

Then finally Vanilla Ice came to the stage, his stage presence magnificent. Shouting out to us what it was to be a 90’s child. Talking about the block parties and underage drinking that we all have done, the putting down of modern technology the reliance on social media, reminding us instead of Netflix we had to go to blockbusters! That we watched the original Ninja Turtles, that music in the 90’s was proper music, not manufactured like it is today. Ice then does what he does best.. entertain! With hits like ‘Ninja Rap’, ‘Money Money’  and the eternal classic ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Bringing half of the vip pit up on stage with him the stage again full to capacity, singing and dancing, Vanilla Ice was a great headline act to finish with, not wanting to leave we had to, but only to go home and stick on more 90’s Music to prove just how good the era was!

We will update with video and photos! Just a lot to upload but wanted to get this out too you asap!

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