Showcasing the songs of Louis Jordan this jukebox musical Five Guys Named Moe has it all. A love story of the girl lost, A revolving stage, fruitbowl hats, great songs and a lively upbeat atmosphere that will at some point have you up in a conga line.

This popup theatre at Marble Arch is styled to bring us back to the 1940s, like a New Orleans Club, popcorn and candy on sale inside the foyer area. The main auditorium is a semi-circle in shape, with a curved wooden walkway, bar tables on the inside and rows on the outer. The walkway is used to fantastic effect as the cast use it to walk around and bring the action into the audience and up and close to you.

The story follows Lomax a down in the dumps, feeling sorry for himself Drunk. Yet again its the early hours of the morning. Lomax is sat at home gargling his whiskey. He switches his radio on only for it to explode and be surprised by elements of his imagination of whom jumped out of the radio – five guys named Moe then appear. Big Moe, Know Moe, Little Moe, Eat Moe and four-eyed Moe.

Suddenly we have our storyline there right above – we have delved into the drunken mind of Lomax of whom could of treated his now ex better. Each Moe taking it in turns to state their case on how Lomax needs to win back his ex Lorraine with a little romance and blunt talking. Making Lomax realise it is him that needs to fix up.

All Moes are excellent, smartly dressed looking dappa as you naturally would, singing brilliantly, oozing energy and choreographed excellently they move across the stage and the revolving walkway keeping us transfixed on the action. The first half is largely based in the living room of Lomax, the second half based in the Funky Butt Club where we have the Moes performing to us from the stage, yes we have become the audience within this nightclub with Lomax taking his place on a table watching onwards.

A fun element within the show is the audience participation and it doesn’t matter where you are sat, you may just get involved, especially if you like a conga – definitely a fun way to walk into the interval.

By the end of the show, Lomax is wiser to his ways and wants to do his best for Lorraine. Thanks to the five guys named moe he climbs out of his drunken stupor as they disappear as quickly as they appear and seeks to make amends.

If you want a great night out in a different environment this show will be everything you wish for. Fun is the key here and as our five moes state ‘ There ain’t no party like a five guys party’

The show runs until March 24th – BUY TICKETS HERE