The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played their annual Film Music Gala at the Royal Albert Hall last weekend and what a joy it was to yet again see these talented musicians live.

The Film Music Gala was here at the Royal Albert Hall again bringing us some of the biggest composed hits from some of the biggest movies to grace our tv and cinema screens.

We had the pleasure of the RPO being led by Conductor Nick Davies. Nick made his debut with the royal philharmonic orchestra back in 1991, taking part in a range of concert programmes and recordings which include classic rock hits, a Disney album and film scores. He has many west end credits such as Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music, Fred Astaire and The Phantom of the Opera to name some. He was also known throughout this concert by the audience as comic Michael McIntyre for his bushy hair. We know this as we were encouraged to tweet in by our host Tommy Pearson. However, I was far more pleased that he took his journey in music and not as a lookalike.

Tommy Pearson guided us through this extravaganza of music, commentating and providing facts about the films that the music had appeared in. Often informing us of the ranking and sales and touching on the composers themselves to give us some informative information about them. Including humour also throughout Tommy Pearson was a more than able and fitting presenter for the show.

The show gave us twenty-one songs in total plus an encore I wasn’t expecting. Songs ranged from 1958 to 2016, ensuring all ages were included in the show. Some were compositions we were accustomed to hearing such as the main theme tunes others coming from elsewhere in the films.

We opened up with 1958’s The Big Country with music from Jerome Moross  – and there’s always something about a western that gets you in the mood and encompasses you within and this certainly did as an opening song.

Following on was a movie classic ET composed by a legend that is John Williams we heard the flying theme that was the finale to the film. Instantly rolling us back to our childhoods. John Williams featured heavily in this show which goes to show the influence he has had on successful musical film scores, in movies that also have been a major hits. Jurrasic Park featuring with the main theme, echoing around the theatre the mood was intense. Schindlers List also featured, echoing the mood of the film. The audience focused and was silent throughout. The show ended with an amazing rendition of Star Wars. This classic theme was known by all and was just epic in hearing it live.

James Horner was another who like Williams featured hugely, like Williams his influence is to be seen in major movie hits such as Avatar, Titanic, Legends of the Fall, and Apollo 13. The RPO’s take on Titanic especially had me visualising Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet aboard the doomed ship.

We were going back to the future with everyone’s favourite Marty McFly in Alan Silvestri’s main theme from the film which took us back to 1985 in this instance. The second interval opened with Mission Impossible, ensuring everybody after the interval was sat up and attentive. Another western came and played with The Magnificent Seven by Elmer Bernstein with more recent scores coming from Game of Thrones and La La Land.

To see us out the RPO played Sly Stallones ever energising and motivating Rocky theme tune. As this wasn’t in the programme this was an unexpected gift to us and just a joy to listen too.

The show was an amazing couple of hours being immersed in our favourite movies no doubt bringing back different memories and experiences to everyone in the audience as we listened. The audience giving the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra the applause they deserved. Skillfully played by every member of each and every section and expertly led by Nick Davies. Roll on next year for already the next Film Music Gala has been arranged for the 4th May 2019! Everytime i see the RPO i more in awe of the talent on show.

However, in the meantime I await for the 1st May this year when they play Symphonic Rock again at the Royal Albert Hall.

Full Listings:

The Big Country (Jerome Moross) Main Theme
E.T The Extra Terrestrial (John Williams) Flying Theme and Finale
Titanic (James Horner, arr Paul Bateman) My Heart will go on
Legends of the Fall (James Horner, arr Nic Raine) Main Theme
Jurrasic Park (John Williams) Main Theme
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the ring (Howard Shore, arr Nic Raine) Main Theme
Chariots of Fire (Vangelis, arr Nic Raine)
Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri) Main Theme
Apollo 13 (James Horner, arr John Moss) Last Frontier
Star Trek: Into Darkness (Michael Giacchino) Suite
Mission Impossible (Lalo Schifrin, arr Mike Townend) Main Theme
Spider Man (2002) (Danny Elfman, arr Patrick Russ) Main Theme
Dances with Wolves (John Barry, arr Nic Raine) The John Dunbar Theme
La La Land (Justin Hurwitz) Epilogue
Avatar (James Horner arr Cliff Bradley) I see you
Out of Africa (John Barry, arr Nic Raine) Main Theme
Games of Thrones (Ramin Djawadi, arr Nic Raine) Main Theme
Schindlers List (John Williams) Main Theme
The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) Overture
The Da Vinci Code (Hans Zimmer, arr Nic Raine)
Stars Wars (John Williams) Main Theme
Gonna Fly Now - aka Rocky theme tune(Bill Conti) Main Theme