EIS HAUS :  A fantastic winter time pop up.


Our new friends at Eis Haus invited a pair of us down to their latest pop up location down on the River Thames just in between London Bridge and Tower Bridge to let us experience what all the talk was about with this pop up ice bar!

Philip Hughes has been involved in the specialist world of major ice installations, globally for over twenty years, having founded the Ice Box in 1993. Designing, creating and installing ice projects, ice bars and huge ice structures throughout Europe, in the Middle East and India; Philip and his team of experts have stunned the world with their creativity and innovation. Eis Haus is the culmination of Philip’s research and experience in building and operating ice bars.

So here we were, with a warm welcome from the staff we had been given our jackets, hat and gloves to put on, to ensure we kept warm inside the container turned ice box!

Upon entering the room was blue lit, mostly to do with the lighting obviously and the feeling that i was now encased within ice. What struck me was just how clear the ice was. A big ‘Hello’ came from our Barman Steve who was not only braving this cold, turned out to be an expert Mixoligist. His welcome straight away put us at ease as he asked what we would like to drink in return for handing over our poker chip. (which is your free drink voucher). Staring across the bar – itself a huge block of ice, we looked across the shelves (which were snowboards!) at the many liqueurs available ranging from Mamont Vodka infused with fruits, Cherry Heering, Coffee Heering, Limoncello, Tequila and Jagermeister, all served in real ice shot glasses! Remember being in an environment that was between -3 and -6 degrees meant they had to provide drinks that didn’t freeze!

After going for the Limoncello and Toffee Vodka initially, whilst enjoying our surroundings we then ordered a plank. This was a 4 shot deal saving you £8 on the individual prices of the drinks. (You wouldn’t get that saving anywhere else in London i bet you) We also tried Bacon and Chillli Vodka, Jagermeister, Limoncello (again) and Cinnamon Vodka.

Speaking to our well informed guy Steve ‘The Mixologist’, it became evident there is more than just stocking up on the alcohol also. Drinks had to be checked for taste within the ice cold environment and some even made especially for this.

Take the Chilli and Bacon Vodka for instance – Within the ice environment all i could taste was the Chilli and vodka, however Steve told us if we had the same drink outside in the warmer climate of the outside Apres Ski Bar we would actually not taste the Chilli and in fact savour the taste of the Bacon instead, and it is all to do with how our taste buds react to the surroundings we are in. Therefore drinks had to be made compatible for both inside and outside the ice box. Steve was lucky enough to be commissioned to create mixes for this and speaking to him you could clearly see his passion for his role and his creations, his energy with other customers too was evident making this a fantastic place to be.

The container itself houses the bar, clear see through ice throughout, a game of thrones style ice kingdom throne, a moose, a bear and a magical entrance to a mini seating area. All of these sculptures hand made and carved. To feel they are almost like plastic, until you take your glove off and stick your hand on them until it freezes! The artistry itself in the making of these are outstanding – and we wish we had have been lucky enough to see them being made.


After spending our session in the ice box as i call it, although there is plenty of space, we made our way back into the warmth of the Apres Ski Bar outside of which we went on to have some nice mulled wine. Here however you can drink on Wine,Beer and Cocktails in this lovely area which is housed by DJ’s on certain nights of the week. Having thoroughly enjoying our experience we would recommend this to anyone especially on Christmas eve.

The pop up runs until January 3rd 2018, but fear not they will be returning at the end of January on the other side of the river on the South bank, and the best bit yet is we will be visiting again as they change their sculptures to suit location and season. So no visit to any location is ever the same!

Get involved…. Totally chilled! Eis Haus – not just an ice bar, a complete experience.

Additional information about your visit:

Each 25-minute session starts on the hour & half hour. Pre booked guests should arrive 15 minutes before their session starts to check in at the Eis Haus Reception.

Each lucky visitor will receive an Eis Haus shot alpine drink, inside the Eis Haus, on presentation of their Ski Pass. It’s served in an ice glass (sorry, you can’t take these home…. think about it!) included in the entry price. (Non-alcoholic alternative available on request)

The inside temperature is a chilled -5C to -7C. We’ll give you a warm coat to wear whilst you’re inside the Eis Haus (sorry you have to give it back to us when you leave!), we do recommend that you wear warm outdoor clothing, hats & gloves. If we’re on a beach, or at a summer festival, we’ll offer you some long socks!

Health warning: Eis Haus is not recommended for people with a heart condition, pregnant women, or anyone feeling unwell. It’s mighty cold….

We love you all! We try to accommodate as many age groups as possible at Eis Haus, it’s suitable for children over 5 years old. The included alcoholic drink and additional shots will only be served to those persons over 18, ID will be required.

Terms & Conditions will apply – see booking site, when you make your reservation.


We love a party! – Eis Haus is perfect for a party with friends or colleagues – we can arrange fully booked out private sessions for your party, by prior arrangement only. If you are planning on bringing a large group or want exclusive hire of a session contact them with the details at: hello@eishaus.co.uk