Mark Mander and Live At Zedel present: CLEMENTINE’S CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zedel, Piccadilly W1
19th – 20th December 2017

‘Barbie Had Better Watch her back, this girl is going to be BIG’ Lyn Gardner, Guardian

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll is a star of stage, screen and social media. She’s performed internationally from Oslo to Singapore, made one series for ITV, two for the BBC and has even filmed a feature length presentation for the BFI – but she has yet to appear in the glittering West End… until NOW.

After a celebrated Christmas show at the end of 2015, Clementine excitedly announces that she will be bringing her unique blend of humour and miniaturised glamour to Crazy Coqs by Piccadilly Circus for three whole shows, spread over two days in December.

As well as giving audiences the chance to enjoy an evening that showcases her huge talents and fabulous wit, Clementine will be joined by two of the UK’s most talented puppeteers to create a delightfully visual display on stage. Expect songs, sketches and special guests (both human and puppet) as Clementine hosts a warm- hearted show that brims with the campest Christmas cheer.

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Listings Information:

Name: Clementine’s Christmas Special
Address: Live At Zedel, 20 Sherwood Street, London W1F 7ED
Dates: 19th and 20th December 2017
Times: 7pm (19th December) / 7pm and 9.15pm (20th December)
Running Time: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: £20
Booking details:  Box Office: 020 7734 4888

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll is a prettier postmodern plastic Pinocchio. A glamorous doll who once lived in a world of pink perfection until the fateful day when she wished upon a falling star to be a ‘real girl’. Sadly the ‘star’ was an old American communications satellite burning up in the atmosphere upon re-entry, but it must have contained a little magic as suddenly Clementine could walk, talk, sing, dance and present pieces to camera! (But STILL just a tiny doll – you can’t have everything).

Clementine is a Humanette puppet – the combination of a human head and a tiny puppet body – which started as a simple mime act, but has since found her voice and has become a TV presenter. She created ‘Strictly Clementine’ a 13-part series reviewing the gowns on Strictly Come Dancing for the BBC and she provided the glamour on ‘Dan and Dusty’ a late-night variety show on ITV. Clementine was Glamour Reporter for and worked with the BFI to film a feature length presentation called ‘Puppets With Attitude’, where she raided the vaults and presented clips of well-loved puppets from the golden age of Television. Clementine has presented three ‘Golden Clementine Awards’ – imagine a miniature Oscars – with Clem handing out Golden Clementines to the years’ best animation and puppet-based films.

Clementine’s Christmas Special at Crazy Coqs in Piccadilly contains a mixture of presentation styles. Clementine sings and presents live on stage from her small theatre (imagine a Punch and Judy booth, but at a whole new level of glamourous). She will be joined on stage by several puppet acts operated by two highly talented puppeteer / actors. The show also includes some filmed segments, which allow us a peep into Clementine’s fabulous life.

Clementine is the alter ego of Mark Mander, one of the UK’s premier puppeteers.

After art school Mark trained at the Norwich Puppet Theatre and performed in many tours and in-house productions, before performing for several years for the Little Angel Puppet Theatre in Islington.

Mark has worked in TV and film, designing, creating and operating puppets for the BBC, ITV, C4, Disney UK and Jim Henson in over 50 TV series and films. For over 10 years he has been the ‘New George’ in a TV and theatre revival of the classic children’s TV programme, ‘Rainbow’. Mark performed with the Scissor Sisters at two Brit Awards, operated many classic puppets including ‘Parker’ from Thunderbirds and Bill (Or possibly Ben – can anyone tell which is which?).

Mark was thrilled to be one of the small team of British puppeteers on the most recent Muppet film ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ and played several roles including Link Hogthrob and the Swedish Chef. Last year he co-presented the ITV series “Live From The London Palladium” as an 80-year old ex-Tiller Girl puppet called Alice.

What the press have said about Clementine The Living Fashion Doll:

‘The most gloriously off -the wall delight you’ll see… with Mander at the helm… a comic genius of astonishing side-splitting invention. Trot on, War Horse. Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular is The London Puppet show this Christmas.’ ★★★★★ Grumpy Gay Critic

‘Wonderfully original made me laugh and smile more that any other Christmas production I’ve seen this winter. You leave not quite knowing what you’ve just seen-but knowing that you’ve witnessed something hilarious’ ★★★★★ British

‘Clementine Doll is a star, she has equal if not more charisma than the great Miss Piggy’ ★★★★ Islington Gazette

‘Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular is one helluva way to celebrate Christmas. Although only 15 inches tall, Clementine is still a mighty big talent, she’s also the hostess of possibly the most original Christmas show you’re likely to witness‘ ★★★★
‘Truly unmissable… brilliant puppeteer skills… Mark Mander’s performance as the formidable Clementine was extraordinary… made the entire production an absolute scream!’ ★★★★ EVERYTHINGTHEATRE.COM

‘There’s something special about Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular. Right from the start the show provides hilarious one liners, delightful songs and camp comedy… Its Puppetry with pizzazz that packs a punch.’ ★★★★ GAY TIMES

‘It’s all hugely entertaining, Juggling styles and genres… and shamelessly exploits Clementine’s huge potential for television and beyond.’ ★★★★ THE STAGE

‘Clementine is a star – there is no doubt about that. She has equal if not more charisma than the great Miss Piggy. Could Rival the Muppets for Characters …This is a rebellious pantomime that does not respect traditional ideas. See it!’ ★★★★ Hackney & Islington Gazette

‘Whipcrack timing and big heaping barrels of personality… this was one of the most rigorously designed and performed shows I’ve seen in quite some time. THE Christmas show of 2015. It’s brill!’ ★★★★London City Nights

‘This is not a typically tacky puppet show. It’s more than that. With a Panto ‘Snow White’ narrative becomes most unconventional, and a not-very-well-disguised political agenda going on, this is certainly memorable theatre. The attention to detail is quite phenomenal. Ludicrous, ridiculous, charming and delightful in equal measure.’

‘A very creative and original show that should not be missed by people who like something different on Christmas.’ UK Theatre Net

‘Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular is camp, glitzy, full of Christmas cheer and absolutely bonkers. This might be the most memorable thing you do this Christmas.’ Musical Theatre Review.