CIRQUE ELOIZE -SALOON Peacock Theatre Review


Last night we were able to attend Cirque Eloize latest production SALOON.

Cirque Eloize  –  Running for 25 years now Cirque Eloize pronounced [EL-WAZ] rank as one of the leading circuses. Having taken part in many international and prestigious festivals they have also shone  and teased us with their skills on New York’s Broadway and London’s West End stages. Appealing to a wide range of audience members of the audience were young, old and children also.

Be prepared to make sure you have drunk your drink and gone to the toilet before hand as this is a show with no interval. For 80 mins or 1 hr 20mins this is an intense display of circus skills, humour and singing. 11 Cast members and 17 Scenes we at taken through.

This show if the name hasn’t given it away is set in the Wild West, mostly centred around the location of a Saloon, or the occasional outside area, words are not needed in this show. Specialist sound affects and comical movement communicate all they wish to and in the process making us laugh with squeaks, gunshots and wind movement is all they needed.

It is through this movement also that we see some fabulous Artistry. We see different circus’ tour parks and spaces local to us and not think much about the seriousness of just how much effort and skill it takes to perform such acts. We see it as comical with the sight of clowns but maybe just maybe this show is an example of just what and where the actors in such shows aspire to be.

We are treated to a marvellous display of acrobatics working a Chinese pole, which left me on edge with some hair raising moments but a true display of body strength and control, a juggler showing sublime skills juggling 4 and 6 pins not only in front of himself but behind also, the balancing of a bowler hat on your face – which is harder than it sounds! Jumping through a Lasso at speed to name a few skills.

As we go through the show the tricks get bigger and better with the cast getting their individual chances to shine. Then came The Cyr Wheel and wow!! Some will call it a hoop but whatever this large circular piece would overwhelm most of us but manipulating it to her every whim was Shena Tschofen, inside and out this was at times poetry in motion. Once finished she got the round of applause she well deserved. Johan Prytz then followed on with a display on the aerial straps, which in themselves was no mean feat! Again like the pole displayed amazingly strong body muscle and control.

To end the show we see a marvellous display on the Korean Plank by Jerome Hugo (easiest the tallest man in the show) and Alastair Davies. Who knew you could go so high. Starting off with just jumps and precision it evolved into somersaults and amazing choreography.

I’ve named a few of the cast above but every member truly plays a part in this show and is truly skilled, whether it be our trio of musicians and singers who through the show gift us wild west themed songs including Johnny Cash’s’ ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Well this is the Wild West after all to the acrobats themselves this truly is a show to behold!

Sadly for us the time passed all too quickly and was over before we wished it too be!


Cirque Eloize is at The Peacock Theatre until 31 October and we urge you to get your ticket now!