CARLA BRUNI – Union Chapel Feature


Enthralling and Engaging the audience in an intimate performance

Carla Bruni is currently on tour and we had the pleasure of watching at the Union Chapel, Islington.

Yes this is the same Carla Bruni of whom you may better know of as Frances former first lady and ex prime minister of France Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife. Or that of Carla Bruni Supermodel for brands such as Guess, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Lauren &  Versace to name a few.

However here we were seated on our pew, in the magical venue that is the Union Chapel to see the sermon that was to be delivered by Carla Bruni the musician. With her latest album already released songs from ‘French Touch’ featured within the set list we were to hear among a few others.

A very mixed audience gathered, mostly 25 years old plus gathered. An international audience at that also, obviously aware of her previous years as a musician, they had become fans not foregoing the opportunity to see her and her only (as Carla did not have a support act), and dedicated they were with tickets being sold at £55 each.

Carla begun with ‘Le Chemin’, the stage in darkness, a voice singing without a singer to be seen introduced us to the start of this concert. Around a minute in Carla emerged into a spotlight, dressed in leather trousers, black top and a smart jacket, smart and sexy owing to her obvious fashion sense. Carla surrounded by her band for the night was on show for us all. No gimmicks, flashing or exploding stage props. This was to be an intimate and honest performance.

During what turned out to be a 22 song set inclusive of her three song encore, we were treated to some absolute enthralling and engaging performances from Carla. Some songs were sung in the french language others in English. Being an international audience of different accents i assume that others got to enjoy some of the songs more than myself just through the understanding of the words, however nothing could take away from her beautiful tone and tune throughout.

A favourite of mine ‘Dolce Francia’ a song about France but given its own Italian tribute owing to Carla’s Italian Heritage was as song that i seemed familiar with or have heard in a capacity previously. This was a happy song, the audience appreciative and engaging throughout slow clapping encouraged by Carla herself. Also ending with a twist of the wording to Dolce Londres which put a smile on everyone’s faces also.

Other highlights were ‘Moon River’ and ‘Perfect Day’ displaying Carla’s take with her unique voice and tone. Carla manages to gain a mood and feeling that i felt throughout and an image that i could be sat at a cafe table in a small town on a cobbled street in France, sat at a table in a cafe with the sun setting, relaxed and happy.

Her version of ‘The Winner’ (takes it all) was stripped back and bare, Carla displaying raw emotion throughout, her sadness and mood came through and was a nice version.

‘Moon River’ was a change to the Baz Lurhmann version we are accustomed too. Carla sings in a higher tune and with the pitter patter of the piano was a beautiful melodic take on it.

Carlas’ Album ‘French Touch’ is a cover of a range of songs sung in English and ones that have touched her personally as some of her favourites. Here she displayed her musical taste over many a different genres and this was displayed with her second song of the night ‘Depeche Modes’ ‘Enjoy the Silence’, which she sang what felt like a darker mood and feeling, followed later by other songs by The Clash’ ‘Jimmy Jazz’, AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ and Rolling Stones ‘Miss You’ which was a cheeky tease to us all. All putting her own sultry and softer touch on all the songs.

Finishing on a standing ovation Carla took time to thank all of her team and us her admiring audience, this concert was enthralling and a privilege to see this wonderful singer in person. Carla i believe will play to audiences that largely already know her as an artist and are familiar with her work, however she will no doubt pick up new fans along the way with performances like this.