How we wished it did go on ‘All Night Long’

This was a 5 STAR Fun filled show full of Energy, Passion and Dance!

Brendan Cole of Strictly Come Dancing has started off 2018 with a bang already hitting a few cities in the UK and we got to see him at New Wimbledon Theatre.

Brendan is no stranger to touring, this particular show started in 2017 and so has been well-practiced by the time it gets to us. Brendan has had previous shows spanning over the last 10 years with Live & Unjudged, License to Thrill, and A Night to remember. It seems he has taken the titles of the previous shows and created a show in All Night Long that Thrills and certainly gives us a night to remember!

This show thrives off the energy off the audience so i would advise joining in and clapping. At times this will be a natural choice and other slightly prompted but either way adds to the fantastic atmosphere Brendan creates.

I’ve seen a few Strictly stars now in Theatre shows each giving their own genre of dance. Natalie Lowe in Rip It Up conveying the feel of the decades past, Vincent Simone in The Last Tango, immersing himself into a storyline but this show is the closest you will get to the feel of Strictly Come Dancing. It is not a take on the past, nor a storyline but Brendan talking to us and just simply demonstrating different dance styles. It is this approach i loved about the show. We were close to the man, It felt personalised and he is actually quite funny!

Brendan talks to us in between numbers and explains why he loves certain dances, why we will enjoy certain performances and is happy to refer to the show that has made him a household name in Strictly Come Dancing. Brendan jokes about Mollie and AJ’s love for each other and the rumour mill that engulfs them, ask our opinion on the current Judges, and attempts to get us to buy his good friend Anton Du Bekes music album!

The dancers work their way through a whole range of ballroom and Latin favourites, from Salsa to Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz to Rumba. The stunning choreography shows dance in all its different guises, this has you on a high one moment to intense focus the next – this show guaranteed to satisfy fans of the Strictly.

Through fabulous choreography Brendan and his cast of amazing dancers, both male and female wow us with individual performances and group alike. A fiery Paso Doble lit up the stage on fire (literally!) at the start of the second half, whilst an immersive and emotional performance of an Argentine Tango backed by the Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ was amazing.

This show wasn’t all about Brendan though and he knows without his fellow cast members he couldn’t do this. He does take time at different parts of the show to thank members of the crew whether it be the singers, the band or fellow dancers or us the audience. On that note also the singers – Ian MacKenzie a great male vocalist who came into his own when singing big band numbers and rat pack songs especially and Jenna Lee James who was A-MAZE-ING, her renditions of Fields of Gold and Defying Gravity especially noteworthy. These two get fair opportunity to also display their talents in solo and duet songs throughout.

The live band also are superb as is Musical Director Barry Robinson.

Leading lady Faye Huddlestone dazzled in many link ups with Brendan, Crystal Main who helps put the show together also outstanding as well as Victoria Burke and Sally Rose Beardall who were simply sexy and stunning in both looks and footsteps. Not to forget the men either of course!

This show is Sexy, Fun Energetic and simply Entertaining! We recommend that you grab your tickets for it as soon as you can and the only negative is that it doesn’t stay in town long enough for more people to see!

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Thank you to all the cast involved, those mentioned by names and those not!