Boyzone and Westlife. Two of the biggest bands from Ireland. Hits Galore. Both bands having split up and members taken different direction. 2016 then bore birth to Boyzlife.

A merging of these two super bands with members Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden coming together to bring us the hits of both. The 2016 Tour consisted of a mixture of chat and live singing, bringing stories and experiences of their lives in the bands to an onlooking audience. This was welcomed superbly and so 2017 came around and a Christmas Tour had been announced.

Clapham Grand was the setting for the gig we saw, and what a gig it was. 2017 brought around a bit of a change in that it was less talk of experience and all about the songs that we as fans came to love from these singers and bands. Having already toured across the country they then gave us a short Christmas tour for those that missed out earlier in the year.

We had to get in among the superfans and so were standing front stage, only inches away away from where Brian McFadden was soon to be standing.Some had traveled across London and we even met one guy that had traveled from New York!

As doors opened at 7.30pm we had support from Christian Burrows the former X Factor auditionee and judges houses contestant. Taking influence from Ed Sheeran, he took to the stage in his stylish outfit for the night, with a microphone, loop pedal, guitar and natural voice. Keen to ensure he was performed everything live we watched on as he set up his songs recording his backing on the loop pedal to playback.

Starting out with a song that everyone would know he started with Ed Sheerans ‘You need me, I dont need you’ which ensured we had something comparable to judge this singer by. No one will ever be as good as Ed at his own songs but Chris Burrows lends his own unique vocal to the song to make it his own. We were then treated to songs of his own. ‘London Eyes’ was a pleasure to hear and very apt being the city he was performing in, an easy chorus should have everyone singing along. ‘Hold onto Mum’ referenced his relations with his mother, of which he was happy to talk about. Lanterns in the Sky and Gin and Tonic were perfect demonstrations of his ability and humour also. Then came his single ;Two Again’ previously named Thunderbuddy this was a song penned in tribute to his brother who sadly passed away as a young baby. Christian tells about this in which is a very poignant moment and you can see the emotion in his eyes as he performs. Christian supported well at this gig and you could clearly see he already had fans of his own. Onwards to 2018 and lets hopefully see more of Christian Burrows on a stage near you.

After a wait of around twenty minutes or so the main acts strolled onto stage Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden, coming onto stage welcomed by cheers from this capacity audience.

These two came on like best buddies for years. They had noticeable chemistry and you sense both of these were jokers in the band, as they proceed to kid around with each other. Dressed casually in t shirts and jeans they were hear to ensure it was a relaxed atmosphere. A crowd of over 30s mostly women but had a few of us pop loving men there too. This was all about Nostalgia and so the two went onto perform a fun filled concert. The fact they had huge hits with both bands meant we all knew the words already which was fantastic. Singing songs such as Father and Son which Keith dedicated to his now 23 year old son (to make us feel old), Flying without wings, Love me for a reason, Mandy, Swear it again we were taken back to the nineties. Swinging our arms, phones out to capture memories and singing along to these hits.

Brian and Keith took the time to have some jokes in that Keith being the elder told us that without Boyzone, Westlife wouldnt be around of which Brian the came back with Keith wouldn’t be on stage now if it not for the sucess of his former band Westlife which had everyone laughing.

Keith also took time out to pay tribute to former member Stephen Gateley also who formed part of the Irish band and tragically passed away, telling us how Stephen had camp nicknames for all the band. ‘Through the song Queen of my heart’ he sang remembering Stephen whilst holding up a picture he took from a fan in the crowd.

A highlight was when both Brian and Keith decided to leave the stage and come into the centre of the standing area to complete their song, Fans surrounded them, taking pictures, getting a touch of them, or just managing to be near them. Dreams come true for some in this crowd.

After about an hour of songs the show came to an end sadly, but what a night it was. Fun filled laughs and sing along. Boyzlife are definately worth the watch for a fun gig taking you back to the time these bands were belting out these classic songs.