Take me to a place called Bohemia, a place of alternative views and extravagant living i say. Our emcee for the night ‘Frisky’ aka Lara Corcoran tells us Bohemia inspires genius, great art and madness.

Black Cat are unrivalled on the London scene, The Black Cat Cabaret brings together exceptional acrobats, comics, dancers and singers, to create a spectacular new bohemia in every venue they visit. The show won the prestigious “Best Production” prize at the London Cabaret Awards 2014 and has been greeted by 5-star reviews in the London and UK press. Originally inspired by the absinthe-soaked heyday of Montmarte’s dark and daring underworld, our shows have taken several forms and formats, but will always combine the sophisticated and the unexpected.

Being introduced to the history of Bohemia we sat on this press night awaiting the nights entertainment for the latest Headliner gracing the Speigletent at Underbelly Festival on the Southbank.

‘Frisky’ by name frisky by nature, Laura Corcoran was the stand out performer for me in this show. Dressed up like a Tim Burton creation she oozes that alternative dark look. Telling us to put our phones away we are being taken to Bohemia a place where social media is a far cry away, we are to live, to experience and to feel.

Laura’s flirty and outgoing nature is fabulous, guiding us through the show was the perfect opportunity to interact with the audience. Laura gives us humour, sexiness and a focus that we cant keep our eyes off. From flirting with a ceo to a more reserved gentleman the other side of the tent she engaged and was not shy in approaching or teasing the audience members. Laura also has a fantastic voice of which she throughout the show demonstrated to great ability with her renditions of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Female of the Species and Kate Bush’s Unbelievable – had me in her palm.

First up was Jo Moss aka ‘Slippin Jo’ who gave us a performance on the Cyr Wheel. Balancing, Twisting, Manipulating and controlling this wheel to his content we got to see a wonderful performance of agility and more. Katharine Arnold ‘Danger K’ strolled on stage in a drunken manner with her bottle of vodka, unsteady and worse for wear (an act obviously for those thinking OMG) then proceeded to dazzle in the Aerial Hoop.

Humor was brought to us with the likes of ‘The Knaves’ Nicolas Jelmoni and LJ Marles. Together giving moments of laughter through mannerism and hoops.

Sadly tonight an injury occurred to Leon Fagbemi as he entered onto the stage, however credit goes to the rest of the company as they almost unknowingly to us, rearranged and re-choreographed the show in real time to compensate whilst we awaited the action. Our emcee filled in and announced the injury and continued on and  as they say in show business – ‘The show must go on’ it did without much more of a hitch or delay in proceedings. Sadly because of the injury we did then miss two scenes and several circus ensemble sequences.

I had been to Underbelly already for four previous shows all involving acrobatics, so what was to be different with this one to the others i had previously seen? To be honest not much. I liked the theme and journey to Bohemia and the darkness that each character brought and the interaction between them all but when it came to the variety of acrobatics i had seen it before.

I don’t in anyway take away from the amazingly talented individuals that make up this company or the amazing skills they have in their respective field. They were still a fantastic group to watch and envy them all and so still find it a treat to watch.

I attended Circolumbia earlier as one of the four previous shows as mentioned and hadn’t been blown away by them for the same reason either but saw other reviewers praise the show. So although we might not all agree i definately still recommend seeing Black Cat Bohemia for a great night out.