The UK’s first pop up bake off opens!

The UK’s first ever pop up bake off has opened, allowing anyone from friends to family to co-workers to compete against the clock in their very own bake off. The Big London Bake is based in a fully kitted out marquee in Tooting Broadway, London (at the back of The Castle pub’s garden) with 10 bake stations, a treasure trove of customisable decorations and is led by a professional baker who will give hints and tips to help you create the winning bake. From ginger bread grottos to rainbow filled eclairs, every month sees a new bake off theme.

Competitors are presented with all the ingredients they need to create a stunning bake. While the sponges are rising and the dough is cooking, competitors then have the chance to rummage the draws and find the templates, colourings, flavours and decorations that will make their bake truly unique. And of course, whatever you bake you get to keep for your friends and family to enjoy.

Once the timer is up a winner is crowned!





Tickets to The Big London Bake are available from £36.50pp at