BBC INTRODUCING – 10th Birthday Celebration



Born in 2007 BBC Introducing has dedicated itself to discovering and supporting new artists and music and has had huge success producing:

  • 14 UK No.1’s
  • 68 UK Top 10 Singles
  • 28 UK No.1 Albums
  • 54 UK Top 10 Albums


So after such success after 10 Years it was only right to bring on the acts that they have helped and are In the process of helping to perform on stage at the O2 Brixton Academy.

10 Years and so it was only fitting to have 10 Acts to represent, 4 Hours of Live Music.

Nine had been billed that we knew plus a special Guest which turned out to be the fabulous Jake Bugg.

Photographer: Jamie Simonds

Starting at 7 pm for this Live to Radio Extended Gig, It was early but already the audience had gathered in force. We got to see the first Act of the night Blossoms the Indie Pop band from Stockport and what a band to kick us off with. A particular highlight was the song ‘Honeysweet’ which featured another act of the night Declan McKenna along with the song Charlemagne also.

Then came Declan McKenna to perform for himself, who certainly got us going here at The Live Review! This young talent is sure to be on your radar if he isn’t already. ‘Do ya like it’ a recorded voice shouted out to start his performance….Performing Humongous with his eyes styled in make up and his retro jacket, Declan covered the stage in supreme confidence. The crowd enjoying his easy to listen to voice.┬áNext up were the Big Moon who showcased their songs Pull the other one and Cupid, and again this London four piece entertained in the only way they know with their understated mellowness then hitting us with the crashing of guitar rifts and crashing of the drums in the song Formidable.

NAO, have you heard of her, brit award nominee for best british female newcomer, Mobo Best newcomer nominee and with this voice surely you have! This Soul/RnB Singer surely had the best voice of the whole night. Wowing us with ‘Bad Blood’ she had the whole audience absorbed. With her large hair and ‘Wonky Funk’ as she describes her music her notes resonated throughout the whole venue.

Photographer: Jamie Simonds
Photographer: Jamie Simonds

Rae Morris then followed on from Nao, and how do you follow on from such a performance well doing what you do, dressed in red we could see this would be a fiery performance, take away the staging, play a backing beat, she alone sang ‘Do It’ whirling around the stage, swinging her arm, this upbeat song had the crowd mouthing every word.

Now this was a celebration of 10 years of introducing artists to us, and so it was only natural you would have a big mixture of artists.

Photographer: Kieron McCarron

Just over half way through the night the BBC then decided to change the tone and present to us one of the newer artists to have been helped Yizzy or for those that know their Grime music previously known as Young Yizzy this Lewisham Lad will have a big future based on the one song he was here to perform. Walking onto stage he introduced himself and duely told us I DO GRIME’ . Spotlights blazed rotating across the stage and across the audience, like the lights he shone with confidence and singing his song ‘Steppin/Do ya Wanna’ he was on point, on beat telling us how he wants to be a legend like Skepta, we will definitely keep a close eye on him.

Then came our special guest and one of the recognised names that you will know, about to fly out to Australia at the end of the week, Having had No.1 Album in the UK Charts, selling hundreds of thousands in single and album sales this was JAKE BUGG. Being given a little more time on stage than other acts he was able to show us why he is a crowd favourite. The crowd roared. ‘How soon the dawn’ was sung and was a nice example of his great voice. Finishing with the classic ‘Lightening Bolt’ that has now become synonymous. The crowd lapped him up.

Everything Everything then came onto stage casually dressed. Like BBC Introducing they too are 10 years old, formed late 2007 this band are critically acclaimed with nominations for the Ivor Novello Award and their work making the shortlist for the Mercury Music awards. Showing us their indie style. With a mix of guitar and synths they were the most innovative of all the acts we had seen. The song ‘Cant do’ was a shining example of this matched with having to reach the higher notes when required. These were probably our favourite act of the night that we hadn’t been familiar with prior to the night.

Before reaching the climax of the show and the Headline Act we had one more to see before, SLAVES. Now I hadn’t heard of this duo before and understood why as they aren’t in my personal music choice, however if I saw a band that worked the crowd into a frenzy ever it was them! The Punk Duo from Kent strolled onto stage to start the set with ‘Sugar coated bitter truth’ Isaac Holman wasted no time in ripping his t shirt off to reveal a bare chest. This Anti Establishment song was sung with all the Anger and passion of the oppressed, with Laurie Vincent accompanying on the guitar and supporting vocals. Following on with songs ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Beauty Quest’ Isaac then decided to jump into the photographers pit to get that ever closer to the crowd, fans lunging forward to try and touch. Beers being thrown from the back of the crowd and even a white plimsoll on stage. The audience loved it.

Pushed for time I sensed to finish at 11pm before the end of the extended radio show, our Headline Act proceeded to sing through four songs for us. We love George Ezra, Singing in his naturally deep voice, we were treated to ‘Don’t matter now’, ‘Hold my Girl’ and the favourites ‘Budapest’ and ‘Don’t blame it on me’. You looked around to see the audience standing in the seated areas, waving arms, the standing fans in front of the stage packed together, not wanting to leave until the last note played.

This was fantastic celebration of different styles of music brought together in aid of the platform that helped launch their careers. THANK YOU BBC INTRODUCING FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND WILL DO!!

If you are an up and coming Artist or are seeking a break then we encourage you to find out more by watching the video below.