Acosta Danza – Review

Acosta Danza Review – Our Thoughts

sadlers wells theatreTonight 28 September we were invited to see the second night of Acosta Danza – Debut at Saddlers Wells Theatre.

So Acosta Danza – who or what is this?

Acosta Danza at Saddlers Wells is the UK Premiere of Carlos Acostas Dance Company – An International associate company  of Saddlers Wells Theatre. Having presented and produced many of Carlos’ shows throughout his career ranging from his debut in 2003 starring in Tocororo to his farewell tour last year, came his debut showing of Carlos’ Company of dancers in this fabulous show.

Now reading this review please do not expect Technical quips or critiques. Ballet/Contemporary Dance is not our forte, however appreciation is, and this show blew us away.

If you are to venture along to Saddlers Wells Theatre for this then expect 2 hrs 05 mins (inc interval) of pure focus, clarity in movement, skill in dance and ability that I have never seen before.

There are five UK premieres in the season. El Cruce Sobre El Niágara, by Cuban choreographer Marianela Boán, is a male duet inspired by a work by Peruvian dramaturg Alonso Alegria.

Imponderable, by Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero, is a new work for 12 dancers, inspired by Cuban folk musician Silvio Rodriguez. Twelve is by UK-based Spanish choreographer Jorge Crecis.

Belles-Lettres, a New York City Ballet soloist and resident choreographer Justin Peck, features pointework and romantic duets. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui will create Mermaid, a new classical duet for Acosta and Marta Ortega.

Split into five acts over two intervals,  the show starts with pure simpleness, 2 dancers, a spot light and an audience quiet as a pin drop watching every movement and action from these fine dancers. This act being called El cruce sobre el Niagara (The crossing over the Niagra). Carlos Luis Blanco and Alejandro Silva displaying some of the most controlled movement I have witnessed in a show. Slow yet precise, intense yet beautiful. These dancers slowly made their way across the stage with all eyes on them. No distractions, No gimmicks, just an intense focus and concentration that drew us in whilst watching.

A brief break then into the second act, a group this time of eight dancers showing us Belles-Lettres a technical show in class in ballet technique and romance, this was 18 minutes of amazing preciseness with lifts cutting through the air.

Third act by Goyo Montero asks us to reflect on the incomprehensible, the indescribable, and the Imponderable as it is titled. Can you measure the weight of the soul? the spirit? How do you measure an emotion? This dance seeks to transport the answers to you. See it for yourself to see if it answers those questions for you.

Fourth act Mermaid features the man himself Carlos Acosta, Choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherakoui this duo of dancers Carlos Acosta and Marta Ortega take us through the presence that is Carlos Acosta, showing us whilst he may not be at the forefront of performances anymore his presence can still be felt throughout and when he does perform that he reminds us of the pure brilliance that he adorned us with throughout his career.

Finishing with Jorge Crecis ‘Twleve’.

Full of energy, Skill and precision this dance showcased itself in the best way it could. Seeing green lit plastic bottles being thrown across the stage, person to person, in different formations, and speeds. We waited in anticipation for one to drop or get misplaced. However as no doubt rehearsed tirelessly not one dropped put of place. Skill and Co Ordination were showcased in this piece as opposed to dance. A pleasure to see and watch.

In summary this programme was intriguing, exciting and amazing to watch. If Ballet or contemporary dance isn’t your thing you can just sit back in awe of the pure skill these dancers posses.

Going on tour after its Saddlers Wells Shows this is a must to see.