ABQ LONDON – A Breaking Bad Themed RV, Molecular Cocktails and a lot of fun!

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to be invited down to ABQ London.

This isn’t a new bar at all, ABQ London started out in 2015, visited Paris, Came back to London and now has a pop up In New York also, ABQ is the worlds first immersive molecular cocktail bar where you get to mix your cocktails through a variety of options.

Although there is no official affiliation with Breaking Bad the concept of  ‘COOKING’ your cocktails leads to the Breaking Bad theme on display. Based in an actual RV, walls decorated with breaking bad reference, and some cocktails named after the characters you start to feel you are Walter White or Jessy Pinkman yourself.






Despite having the address and getting off the bus right next to the venue, the RV is set back on a small food court off the road, not instantly recognisable. Upon entry there was no sign to say ABQ London, just the fact that knowing it was in an RV we were attending was enough to know you were in the right place. (It also gave us the impression this could actually be an actual illegal set up – just like in the series).

Upon opening the door to the RV which fits between 28-32 People, we were greeted by our host for the night – Dominic was enthusiastic to say the least welcoming us to his trailer. We were sat at the table we had been allocated where we met two ladies who had just finished their session, The advice from them was ‘Go for the cocktails that have the most elements to them’.

So there I was immersing myself in the experience by putting on the yellow rubber suit, goggles and a gas mask to suit, my wife (allergic to latex) didn’t want to risk the onset of a possible reaction so opted for a Los Pollos Hermanos Apron which other cocktail goers seemed to love.

Dominic came over to our table, sat down and was great. The obvious question was –  ‘Had we seen Breaking Bad before?’ which of course we had. We then got a swift high five from him for having done so. Dominic then went on to introduce us to the experience we were to have over the next two hours and also the safety message with regard to handling the cocktails. His passion for the theme was obvious, referring to the RV as his, making us imagine we were out in Albuquerque Desert about to do something bad.

The layout of the two hour session is inclusive of ticket price that you get a welcome cocktail, which comes with a syringe filled with a blue colour liquid. This gave us the option of sweetening the cocktail to our liking and changing the colour at the same time, and two further cocktails of which you can choose freely. There is also a four hour session option which gives you more cocktails too.

So the cocktails were mad, picked off the menu pictured below:

So being a lover of spicy things my second cocktail was a La Tortuga. Using the flavours Mezcal, Agave, Lime and Pineapple as the core base to the cocktail, I was to infuse the flavours of Sage and Jalapeno Chilli into my drink via the use of Nitrogen Cavitation. See my attempt at making it below with a little help. It certainly gave the cocktail a kick and was very tasty.

My Third cocktail after recommendation was ‘Hit and Wake’ , a combination of Tequila, Mezcal, Kahlua, cold brew coffee and Cinnamon Espresso Martini. Being a coffee lover I thought I might enjoy this but it was strong flavoured for sure, but still definitely drinkable.This one I got to makes bubbles with the aid of a electric pump.

Totally loving the idea that I was ‘COOKING’ up these cocktails I indulged and went for a fourth cocktail. (Now chargeable). I chose to go for Blow. The name itself for some may conjure an instant meaning and reference to drugs and cocaine in particular and that is the theme of the cocktail indeed. Vodka, Cointreau, Rosewater and Butterfly tea made up the base. I was then presented with 3 test tubes of liquid. Adding each one changed the colour of my cocktail and the taste. To accompany this was my ‘blow’, which I got told my cutting of was pretty bad apparently! But of course these were not real drugs but in fact sherbert, to be sucked up via a straw to taste.

Our session had started at 8pm, and by 9.30 we had finished our third cocktail. Only an extension of cocktails had brought us nearer the end time of our two hour session and so it can be easy to want to spend more on cocktails to fill the time or experiment, so if you are willing and curious prepare to pay £9 for more molecular cocktails each – or consider going for the longer session which gives more value for money. With two of us being sat at a table of four, the next booking had turned up slightly early and so were invited to sit with us. For some this could make it feel a little uncomfortable not knowing the other people and so leaving you to decide to leave your session early or on the flip side a chance to rave about what you have just experienced and be social!






Set against background music of Hip Hop and Gansta Rap Tunes including Eminem and Coolio it helped the atmosphere, Domic the host was crazy at times but a lot of fun overseeing and attending to everyone in the RV accompanied by his partners in crime two other mixologists.

For a Wednesday night, the venue was busy, we had great fun and would definitely recommend this for the experience. If your in a group your bound to have a lot of fun and the more of you then the more chance to see all the different sorts of cocktails on offer and elements to experiment with. This would be a great start to anyone’s night out or as it runs until midnight the peak of the night!

Cocktails and stuff:
£30 gets you 2 hours in the RV which includes cooking/infusing of 2 cocktails! + a welcome drink
£50 gets you 4 hours in the RV which includes cooking/infusing of 5 cocktails! + a welcome drink

Mon: Closed
Tue-Sat: 5:30pm – 12:00am
Sun: 5:30 – 10:00pm

455 Hackney Road, E29DY
Between Shoreditch and Bethnal Green