CousteauX – Album Launch






“Just quietly beautiful….. Darkness can be strangely welcoming.” NME
“Broken souls, doomed romance and dislocated lives, all underscored by a lonely lustfulness.”  The Guardian 
“The melodies float from heaven to hell like Burt Bacharach standards. Silky without being slick, even when sorrowful like boulevardier Jacques Brel. A sophisticated realm of edgy, romantic pop” Rolling Stone 
“Like sobbing in front of Chet Baker and Nick Drake and finding your tears have turned into rhinestones. Perfumed intrigue, late-night melancholy and a shag-pile sensuality- which, despite being romantic, never once sinks into mawkish sentimentality. Perfect poise and irresistibly bruised glamour.”  Time Out
One of the world’s most distinctive voices, Liam McKahey and songwriter Davey Ray Moor have re-united as CousteauX to release their eponymously titled album later this year. Joining them to
co-write and perform on album track ‘The Innermost Light’ and EP track ‘Love is Not on Trial’ is Carl Barât of The Libertines.

Cousteau swept the world in 2001: their first album went gold internationally and they have been playing on radios, cinema and television soundtracks ever since. 2017 brings us CousteauX, the very same Cousteau: back with a kiss and a scar.

A friendship which began in squats and parties in the 1990’s took them around the world earlier this century. An Irishman from Cork and an Australian born in Beirut, CousteauX make for a classic London band; pilgrims and immigrants drawn to the music capital.

‘Burma’ encapsulates the bands unique style perfectly: the hurt, the dirt & the innocence. When Liam sings Davey’s songs something mercurial happens. Theirs is an evocative, romantic blend reminiscent of David Bowie, Nick Cave, Scott Walker and Burt Bacharach.
“Genuinely lovely creations arranged, Bacharach-style, with discrete double-bass, piano and horn textures. Their greatest gift, though, is in the melodies, oozing haunted disaffection and melodrama underpinned by a sizzling sense of glamour.”  The Independent

Brooding and melodic, Barât’s performance and co-writes on the album and EP take the band into even darker territory, with undertones of sleaze, smoke and grit, whilst the almost anthemic, swinging soul of ‘Seasons of You’ perfectly lifts the spirit for a sultry Summers day.

The band will be touring later this year, with an album launch at the 100 club in London on 19th September, expect special guests and a rock n roll chic crowd of night people. Guest list available. Send lawyers, guns and money.