Philippa Hanna  – An unsigned Artist who is surely made for the big time!

Beautiful, Sweet, Souful and Upbeat!


Philippa Hanna is an Artist you may have heard of or possibly may not have. Or as she tells us ‘The biggest artist you’ve never heard of’. If you are the latter then take notice, as this lady is destined to be big.

Philippa Hanna is a singer-songwriter from Sheffield. Best known for being associated with the Christian Genre her sound also hails from Country style and Nashville inspired sounds.

Philippa hails from Musical family. Her father himself a touring performer and a brother that was in the band Jamiroquai for the first three albums of their career. This musicality in the family has no doubt helped with ideas and inspiration, and led to Philippa defining herself as an artist in her own right with her own unique sound inspired by her Christian faith.

Since Philippa’s debut Album ‘Watching Me’ in 2007 she has gone on to build a formidable reputation and experience as an Artist. Having already previously supported Britain’s Got Talent Winners Collabro, she is back with them currently supporting them on their UK Tour. She has also supported Marti Pellow, Little Mix and Rebecca Ferguson. Performed on Songs of Praise twice also. Philippa is therefore no stranger to playing to big stages and crowds and it was at Collabro’s Palladium gig on Thursday that we were able to see this wonderful artist.

Being support is never an easy gig, but if your going to do it then follow the lead Philippa Hanna demonstrates. Confidently walking onto the stage and giving us a big hello, Just Philippa, her guitar, her husband and his drum box. (yes her husband is a musician too) she got straight down to business and into the music.

Playing five songs in total, Philippa kicked us off with ‘Happy in my skin’ she was quick to encourage interaction from the largely filled auditorium, encouraging us all to clap along and clap we did. Onto other songs like ‘Speed of Light’ and ‘Raggedy Doll’ the audience still clapping along to her songs appeared impressed. In between we also got to know about Philippa and her experiences that helped define her as the individual she is. Telling us about her times as a youngster lacking in confidence, to the time she was in a meeting to be told that although they liked her songs she was ‘nothing special’, we could sympathise with those experiences no doubt in our own lives and situations. Now though this is a lady who is comfortable with who she is, what she is achieving and going about it positively. Finishing off her set with ‘I am Amazing’, ‘Off the wagon’ (not associated with drinking!) and which happens to be her New Single from her new album ‘Come back Fighting’ and finally ‘Arrow’,

Philippa kept her upbeat sounds throughout, an entertained audience and her sweet and soulful voice echoing around to the joys of our ears. Don’t forget either Philippa didn’t have the on stage backing of keyboards, or other musical instruments that Collabro as a main act had either. It was all Philippa.

When we and anyone who wished to meet Philippa at the interval got the chance too, you could see that she is popular and already has a legion of fans. Here for her sixth time at the Palladium, surely its only a matter of time before she is here headlining the stage.

Philippa is currently crowd funding for her current album ‘Off the wagon’ and is very nearly there – 78% in fact with only 6 days left. If you wish to get involved and contribute:

Your support can help the album to 

– Hit the airwaves
– Reach new audiences
– Impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of listeners



Currently on tour with Collabro if you want to see Philippa Hanna then check out a date below: